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With the REBEL® approach, there's no limit to your growth!

REBEL® is a practical and comprehensive solution for the complex problems of digital transformation. Our experience with champions of growth has allowed us to identify 4 key pillars that allow these organizations to stand out from all the rest.

These champions have clear ideas, they build for the future, they execute intelligently, and they're constantly learning. In other words, REsolve-Build-Execute-Learn, an approach that has become our trademark.

Today, these four pillars carry all of our offers by providing a comprehensive, sustainable, results-oriented and autonomous response to our customers' needs.


A clear action plan for continuous growth

RESOLVE aims to create a framework for a sales & marketing system that allows you to effectively start your revolution without creating conflict and losing control of your investments.

Our RESOLVE offers

SEO Audit


Resources to bring your strategy to life

EXECUTE is about taking action, e.g. implementing ambitious growth campaigns or helping your marketing or sales teams to achieve their goals

Our EXECUTE offers

Marketing Support
Sales & CRM Support


Technology to keep you on the right path

BUILD lets you create a scalable system based on durable technological foundations: CRM, a marketing automation tool, and an efficient website.

Our BUILD offers

Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing
CRM & Sales Enablement
Customer Service


Daily learning to ensure you keep growing

LEARN is a vital step for developing the skills of your teams and allowing you to benefit from long-term growth by embracing the principle of continual improvement.

Our LEARN offers

HubSpot Marketing Training
HubSpot Sales Training
HubSpot Development Training

The impact of REBEL® on your growth

Used individually, the pillars of REBEL® are already quite effective. But when used together, these four pillars can unleash the power of your digital revolution. Markentive will drastically improve your sales & marketing and boost your growth.


With our experts, stop doing
, do

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REBEL® Approach

Will the REBEL® approach work at my company?

Markentive works with companies of all sizes and from all sectors, in France as well as in Europe and the United States. However, we do not work with startups, but with organizations that already have a well-defined offer and market. Our job is not to help you get started, but to take your growth to new and unprecedented heights.

How can I use the REBEL® approach at my company?

The REBEL® approach is designed to help you revolutionize your strategy and boost your growth. You get to define the conditions and decide just how far you want to go. For example, you can start with training or consulting or go for a redesign of your website. A Markentive consultant will help you choose the most suitable strategy for your company.

Will we have to start from scratch with this approach?

It is extremely rare for our customers to be lacking the documents, tools, or strategies they need to get started. We strive to build from the existing work of our customers, and if necessary, fill in the gaps. If you're unsure, simply give us a call!

How much does the approach cost?

Markentive offers basic services starting at 7,500 euros (excluding taxes) to initiate the growth process. However, most of our customers choose to invest between 50,000 and 150,000 euros (excluding tax) per year and work on several pillars simultaneously.

Can I benefit from the REBEL® approach with another provider?

You're free to use the principles of our approach independently or with the provider of your choice. However, REBEL® is a registered trademark of Markentive and our know-how lies in our ability to effectively implement the principles separately or in conjunction with qualified experts and carefully selected technologies and procedures.