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Website creation and design agency - HubSpot web design expert

For most companies, an effective online presence with a lead generation website is a must. With our REBEL® approach, your website is placed at the heart of your digital strategy and backed by structural foundations such as CRM or campaign management and analytics tools.


For your company, your website should:

  • Generate traffic and qualified leads via pages that are optimized for the search engines
  • Be able to evolve simply, without the help of a developer
  • Use your CRM data to contextualize and personalize your content
  • Reflect the visual identity of your company with a modern and responsive design

For your visitors, your website should:

  • Be friction-free thanks to an intuitive navigation
  • Feature user-centric content that meets their needs
  • Facilitate communication and interactions
  • Adopt a clear messaging to make your products and services understandable in a few seconds
  • Offer the best possible mobile experience
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Our web design rates and personalized offers

Markentive has just the right offer for your company, regardless of your needs or where you are in your project:

"Start" Web Design offer

If you're on a tight budget and schedule, we can make your entire website from our existing themes and templates.

  • Project management
  • UX/UI design
  • Integration
  • Online launch
Starting at
10 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*Site completed within 3 weeks

"Advanced" Web Design offer

If your web project is strategic and the business stakes are high, we can create a "best in class" website by customizing each step in the design process. Your website will be one-of-a-kind and designed for maximum performance (traffic/conversion).

  • Project management
  • SEO
  • UX/UI design and complex animations
  • Integration and specific developments
  • Online launch
  • Training
Starting at
25 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*Site completed within 6 weeks

"Custom" Web Design offer (integration only)

Our consultants, designers, and full-stack developers can provide personalized support if you have mockups that are ready to be used or you're in need of a specific development.

  • Project management
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Specific development in accordance with the requirements of the project
Starting at
10 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*Timeline TBD

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, do

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Web design by Markentive

Which CMSs (content management systems) does Markentive use?

Markentive creates websites on the HubSpot and WordPress CMSs and can offer you trusted partners for e-commerce solutions with platforms such as PrestaShop and Shopify.

What are some of the features of the HubSpot CMS?

The HubSpot CMS is a SaaS CMS hosted by HubSpot. It comes with numerous features designed for automation, contextual marketing, and analytics. We usually recommend the HubSpot CMS as companies find it user-friendly.

How much does the HubSpot CMS cost?

Our HubSpot CMS offers start at 240 euros per month (excluding taxes). These offers include maintenance, security, and hosting, which makes them quite competitive.

What kind of workload can we expect during the project?

In general, Markentive will need a half-day to a full day of your time each week to complete the web redesign project.

What makes Markentive web design unique?

The Markentive in-house web design team (designers, developers, consultants) is 20 members strong and creates around 50 websites per year. We never use subcontractors for any of our development work, thereby ensuring optimal quality and the timely delivery of your website. Our HubSpot CMS team of experts is one of the largest in the world and can deliver projects in French or English to companies in France and beyond.