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Training HubSpot CMS (Development)

Our trainings led by HubSpot certified experts are designed to enrich your skills, but also to give you customized advice in the current use of your technology ecosystem.


The HubSpot Development Training
is suitable for your organization if

  • You wish to master the specificities of Hubl (HubSpot's templating language) 
  • You need to create customs modules on HubSpot
  • You wish to make your CMS profitable
  • You want to build a reliable and scalable web architecture
  • You wish to overcome the technical challenges of HubSpot's CMS
  • You want to maximize the use of HubSpot Marketing features on your website

Our HubSpot CMS Training offers

"Start" offer for a comprehensive approach

One day of training in your company or our offices to master HubSpot's CMS.

  • HubSpot Ecosystem
  • HubSpot Design Tools
  • Native & Custom Modules
  • Blog Template
  • Hubdb
  • System pages
  • HubSpot Highlights
Starting at
3 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*for one day of training and up to 6 participants

"Custom" offer on specific themes

Any other format ideas or other topics you would like to be trained on? Let's talk about it and build together a training adapted to your needs!

  • As needed
Starting at
3 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*for one day of training and up to 6 participants

With our experts, stop doing
, do

Please contact one of our consulting experts or send us a request for a proposal

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HubSpot Development Training by Markentive

Who is this training for?

Our training course is intended for all those who want to master HubSpot's CMS, whether you already have HubSpot or not. We train developers who are looking to go further in their use of the tool and gain autonomy or who are discovering the specificities of Hubl.

Our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities. If necessary, we study the appropriate compensatory measures

Will I be autonomous at the end of the HubSpot Development training?

Our main objective is the autonomy and the increase in competence of your teams. We ensure you a concrete implementation during the training but also, a complete deepening of each functionality. Following our training, your teams will be able to fully use HubSpot's CMS without difficulties.

Why should I get trained on HubSpot by Markentive?

Markentive is one of the 9 leading Elite Partner agencies in the HubSpot ecosystem worldwide. Our team consists of 20 HubSpot certified consultants experienced in creating or redesigning websites on HubSpot's CMS. We have trained over 100 people in 2020

HubSpot also recognizes our expertise since we have the HubSpot Trainer Certification. Thanks to this program, we run training sessions for HubSpot several times a year.

Comment faire financer notre Formation HubSpot Développement par votre OPCO ?

Nous sommes un organisme de formation référencé par Datadock, nos formations peuvent être prises en charge par votre OPCO et cela jusqu'à 100% du montant de la formation. Il vous suffit pour cela de vous rapprocher de votre DRH ou directement de votre OPCO le cas échéant. Nous vous transmettrons le plan de formation, convention de formation et feuilles d’émargement pendant nos échanges. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour en savoir plus.

My team is already using HubSpot's CMS, is it relevant to participate?

Yes, at Markentive all our trainings are personalized, and adapted to the current level of the team. We will simply ask you for access to your instance prior to the training in order to perform an audit of your usage and we will also send you a needs assessment questionnaire to share with your team.