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HubSpot CMS : 
for a website dedicated to your growth

The HubSpot CMS Hub is an all-in-one platform that allows you to efficiently create or redesign your website through a variety of tools to support the growth of your business.

The CMS integrates perfectly with the CRM and all other tools in the HubSpot suite, including marketing automation, sales, customer service and operations.


What are the advantages of the HubSpot CMS?

A CMS connected to the entire HubSpot ecosystem

You'll have access to HubSpot's CRM, Sales Enablement tools and Marketing Automation solution to increase lead generation and processing in record time. The result? Departments working together in a seamless way.

Thanks to the interconnectivity between the CRM and the Sales and Marketing Automation tools, you'll have access to detailed data along the entire journey of your site's visitors as well as an overview which allows you to personalize and optimize your web pages.


No maintenance to conduct — your platform updates automatically

In choosing CMS Hub, you'll never have to worry about platform maintenance and updating the various tools. Everything is automatically managed by HubSpot, allowing your IT teams to focus on areas greatly impacting the business.

Unlike other CMS platforms, the HubSpot CMS has no plugins. The server and security of your site is directly managed by HubSpot's teams, and languages are updated automatically. Continuity of service is assured up to 99.99%.

A CMS that makes your marketing teams 100% autonomous

Thanks to easy-to-use drag & drop tools, templates and themes in the HubSpot CMS, your marketing teams will never need to rely on your developers or an external agency.

CMS Hub allows marketers to quickly become autonomous through all the tools in the platform. Whether it's creating and editing new pages and landing pages, adding CTAs and forms or adding new tools like chatbots and pop-ups, your team will have a hand in everything! They can also conduct tests through the use of smart content and A/B testing.

Through the flexibility built into CMS Hub, marketers can optimize the pages of their website, personalize them according to their visitors and, in turn generate more conversions. This is also made possible through the reporting tools and SEO recommendations provided by HubSpot.

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What are the main features of HubSpot CMS Hub?

Unleash your creativity with intuitive tools and drag & drop

You can create your site from the ground up using existing themes and page templates (whether free or paid) from HubSpot Marketplace. You can also work with developers who will create a customized theme that can be autonomously used by your marketing team.


Once your theme is created, you can create new pages and landing pages by dragging and dropping the various blocks (or modules). You can adjust everything, including padding, spacing, colors, images and buttons.

ab test
Testing and optimizing through smart content and A/B testing

With its A/B testing feature, the CMS allows you to conduct tests on your pages by changing text, images, structure, etc. and choose the version of the page that received the best results. You can also use smart content to display various versions of your content based on a number of criteria.

An Enterprise subscription to the CMS also provides access to adaptive tests to take the customization of your site and the optimization of your pages a step further.

Follow the SEO recommendations provided by HubSpot's tools

The HubSpot CMS provides a series of extremely effective SEO tools, including keyword planning tools, topic cluster management and on-page SEO suggestions for each of your pages. This makes it easier for you to optimize your content for search engines.

Your SEO-optimized web pages will be at the heart of your digital strategy and will allow to you attract quality leads, converting them into hot prospects and customers.

Optimize your content for continuous improvement of your web pages

HubSpot provides detailed reporting to analyze the performance of your web pages as well as your marketing initiatives on the various channels you use, including landing pages, emails, social media and advertising, etc. Cross-reference marketing and CRM data for optimizing your website

Your teams can quickly make changes to your pages based on traffic to your site and results from marketing campaigns. Clicks on CTAs, form completion rates and reading times of pages are all indicators which allow you to actively optimize your website.

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How can Markentive help you harness the power of the HubSpot CMS? 


If you're looking to redesign your website or migrate your current site to the HubSpot CMS, Markentive can support you along the entire path.

structure website and seo

Site structure consulting

Before you begin the development process, we advise you on best practices and trends in web design and inform you of the impact that certain designs can have on the development and effectiveness of pages. The SEO component will help you structure your navigation and define the pages to create.

Project management cms

Project management

Our team of experts will support you throughout your entire redesign project, from kick-off, to weekly progress reviews and launch. We provide the link between your teams, designers and developers to facilitate the approval and acceptance process.

developpement web cms hub

Website development

We manage the development of your website from A to Z, based on the design you provide or the one we create together. Our teams handle the migration of your content as well, including your blog and/or resource center.

Training CMS hubspot


Our CMS Hub training is led by HubSpot-certified experts. We offer training dedicated to marketers in addition to training that's 100% developer-based to train your teams for development on the HubSpot CMS.

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What is the price of HubSpot CMS Hub ?

HubSpot CMS offers 3 subscription levels depending on the features you need.

CMS Hub Starter

Essential CMS tools to build and secure your website


  • Up to 15 website pages
  • 1 Blog 
  • Up to 20 landing pages
  • SSL certificate
  • SEO recommendations
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • App and asset marketplace
  • Local website development
  • Cloud hosting
  • Website themes
  • Website Analytics
Starts at
21 €/month*
*without VAT

CMS Hub Pro

The features of the CMS Hub Starter with additional tools, for an even more efficient professional website.

  • All starter features 
  • Up to 10 000 pages web
  • Up to 100 blogs
  • Content planning tool
  • Smart content 
  • Advanced SEO recommendations
  • Custom reporting
  • A/B testing
  • CTAs
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Custom reporting
  • 25  dashboards, 20 reports by dashboard
Starts at
331 €/month*
*without VAT

CMS Hub Enterprise

All Pro features with additional functionalities that will allow you to manage very advanced website projects.

  • All Pro features
  • Up to 10 root domains
  • Sandbox
  • SSO
  • Custom objects
  • Adaptive testing 
  • Membership logins
  • Custom web applications
  • 50 dashboards,  20 reports per dashboard

Starts at
1,104 €/month*
*without VAT

All about the CMS Hub

What are the steps for implementing a HubSpot CMS?

Once you've chosen your CMS, you'll need to begin thinking about your website creation or redesign project.

Here are the main steps of a web design projects:

- Reserach and setup

- UX design and SEO

- Branding and conception

- UI and motion design

- Integration and putting the site online

The integration phase includes installation of the chosen theme or the development of a defined theme based on the approved prototypes, integrations with third-party tools, migration of your blogs/resources, parameter setting of domain names/subdomains and redirections.

Can the HubSpot CMS be integrated with a CRM other than HubSpot?

Yes. The HubSpot CMS solution can be integrated with other CRMs, starting with the Pro plan. For example, integration with Salesforce is possible starting with this level.

Can you configure HubSpot on your own?

HubSpot is recognized and appreciated for its ease of use, but don't underestimate the importance of outlining your strategy, especially if you're implementing marketing automation or sales enablement tools when redesigning your website on the HubSpot CMS. We recommend receiving support, especially for the technical configuration of your solution and the training of your teams. An agency like Markentive offers personalized service for each step of your project.

How does the HubSpot solution differ from other solutions on the market?

HubSpot is recognized for its ease of use, its diverse and varied features and its outstanding technical support. HubSpot also offers a Marketing Hub, a CRM and a Customer Service Hub, so you can track your customers' journey throughout its entire life cycle.