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Hubspot Marketing Hub : 
Marketing automation for growth

The HubSpot Marketing Hub allows you to implement an effective inbound marketing and marketing automation strategy .

It allows you to centralize the management of all your campaigns and digital channels, so you can quickly achieve your growth objectives.

Use this hub with other tools in the HubSpot suite to further boost your performance.




What are the advantages of the HubSpot Marketing Hub?

An all-in-one platform for managing all your marketing channels

Centralize all your tools and marketing data in one place with Marketing Hub (landing pages, emails, social media and ad campaigns).

You'll receive detailed analytics and 100% visibility onto the journey of your prospects and customers. This allows you to provide them with a personalized experience and send relevant communications based on accurate segmentation.


The power of automation in increasing productivity

In choosing to implement the HubSpot Marketing Automation solution, you're giving your teams the opportunity to automate some of their recurring activities in the spirit of improved efficiency.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub allows you to create automated scenarios and tailor-made digital experiences on a large scale through the use of workflows. For example, you can automatically trigger the sending of an email based on the behavior of one of your prospects.

A marketing automation platform backed by a CRM

HubSpot helps you promote alignment between your marketing and sales teams by centralizing all customer and/or prospect interactions with your company (website, resources, webinars, interactions with your sales team, customer support tickets, etc.).

Marketing Hub can be used in conjunction with HubSpot CRM, which allows you to centralize all your sales and marketing activities in one place. Your marketing, service and sales teams benefit from a comprehensive history of your prospects' interactions with your company and, as such, can provide more relevant messages and offers.

Automatically assigning inbound leads to your sales team based on specific criteria they’ve previously defined also helps make them more responsive and efficient.

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What are the main features of HubSpot marketing Hub?

Attract prospects with relevant and SEO-optimized content

Capitalize on Marketing Hub's SEO features (keyword planning tools, topic cluster management tools and SEO recommendations for each page or article), so you can optimize your content and make it more visible on search engines.

You can then manage the distribution of your content on all your digital channels (blogs, social networks, advertising campaigns, etc.) to attract prospects.

Improve the conversion of your visitors into leads

Marketing Hub offers an entire suite of tools, including landing pages, chatbots, CTAs and forms, to engage your visitors and convert them into leads. These modules are easy to edit and also allow you to use A/B testing on your various activities.


To convert your visitors into leads, you need the ability to offer them relevant points of conversion while they browse your website. And to increase their relevance, HubSpot gives you the option of adapting your content (landing pages, CTAs, etc.) to your audience based on their personas, life cycles and browsing habits.

Transform leads into customers

Marketing Hub allows you to assign a score to your leads, automatically transfer them to salespeople via workflows and implement automated scenarios (emails, ad retargeting, etc.) to bring them to maturity.



To covert your leads into customers, you should personalize each step of their customer journey and offer them a comprehensive attraction/conversion/loyalty cycle. Tracking your customers' journeys via the CRM enables you to offer them the right messages at the right time.

Capitalize on data

Receive detailed reports to analyze the performance of all your marketing activities across various channels (landing pages, ads, emails, social networks, etc.). Personalized reports allow you to cross-reference this data with your CRM data.

Analyzing the performance of your marketing activities allows you to adopt a continuous improvement approach and make informed decisions based on the performance of past activities.

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Marketing Hub features

How does Markentive help you harness the power of HubSpot?

Whether you're looking to implement HubSpot marketing automation solution or better leverage it, Markentive supports you for the entire duration of your project.


Marketing automation strategy consulting

Before implementing your marketing automation solution, we'll help you formalize and document your strategy. If you're still deciding on which tool, we can help you benchmark the various solutions available on the market.


Marketing Hub implementation

We'll support you in the technical configuration of your instance as well as in the creation of your email and landing page templates to allow you to quickly realize the benefits of your marketing automation solution.


Third-party integration and synchronization with CRM

Whichever CRM you're using, we'll take care of synchronizing it with your marketing automation tool, so your data is high quality and can be used by your teams.



Our Marketing Hub training is led by HubSpot-certified experts. They allow you to quickly take advantage of all the tool's features in order to help you realize a return on your investment.

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How much does Marketing Hub cost?

HubSpot marketing Hub offers three plans depending on the features you require and the number of marketing contacts you have.

Marketing Hub Starter

1000 marketing contacts included.  (Additional marketing contacts can be added in increments of 1,000 from €41.40/month)

  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • Live chat / chatbot
  • Email marketing (optimized for mobile)
  • Ad management 
  • Ad retargeting 
  • Custom properties
  • 10 dashboards 10 reports per dashboard
Starts at
41 €/month*
*excl. taxes

Marketing Hub

2,000 marketing contacts included. (Additional marketing contacts can be added in increments of 5,000 starting at 206.74 euros per month).

  • All Starter features
  • Blog
  • Omni-channel marketing automation
  • SEO tools
  • Content planning tools
  • Social media
  • Custom reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • CTAs
  • Lead scoring
  • Dynamic content 
starts at
740 €/ month *
*excl. taxes

Marketing Hub Entreprise

10,000 marketing contacts included. (Additional marketing contacts can be added in increments of 10,000 from €92.00/month).

  • All Pro features
  • Custom objects
  • Multi-touch revenue attribution
  • Custom behavioral events
  • Hierarchical teams
  • Partitioning
  • Adaptive testing 
  • Calculated properties
  • Custom analytics views 
Starts at
2944 €/month*
*excl. taxes

All about Marketing Hub

Can HubSpot's marketing automation solution be integrated with another CRM?

Yes. While HubSpot's solution offers an integrated CRM, it also offers bi-directional synchronization with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and Zoho CRM. This means that any changes made in your HubSpot instance will be automatically synchronized in the CRM you've chosen and vice versa. However, you can choose exactly which information you want synchronized between your two tools.

What are the steps in a marketing automation project?

Once you've chosen your marketing automation tool, you'll need to outline your marketing automation strategy (personas, customer journeys, conversion use cases, etc.) before configuring your software to best meet your needs. If you're using third-party tools or a CRM other than HubSpot, you'll also need to synchronize HubSpot with these tools. Finally, for optimal use of HubSpot and a better return on your investment, we advise you to quickly train your teams.

Can you configure HubSpot on your own?

Marketing automation is complex. You need to define your strategy (identify your personas and their journeys, create content and develop nurturing scenarios, etc.) and fully understand all the features offered by the solution you've chosen. The HubSpot solution is recognized for its ease of use. However, the importance of setting your strategy, the technical configuration of your solution and the training of your teams should not be underestimated. An agency like Markentive offers personalized service for each step of your project.

How does the HubSpot solution differ from other solutions on the market?

HubSpot is one of the leading B2B marketing automation solutions on the market. It's recognized for its ease of use, its diverse and varied features and its outstanding technical support. HubSpot also offers a CRM, a CMS and a Customer Service Hub, so you can track your customers' journey throughout its entire life cycle.