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Strategy and integration of customer relationship management solutions

A true extension of your business strategy, managing customer satisfaction and loyalty is essential to maintaining a lasting relationship with your contacts.

To do this, equipping yourself with an effective customer relationship management software is necessary. It will allow you to transform your customers into ambassadors for your brand and increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. By offering your customers quality service, you will be able to engage them over the long term.


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A tailor-made customer service offer for your organization


Whatever your goal: efficiently deal with customer tickets, improve retention or even reduce the churn rate, Markentive experts help you build a customer service strategy that is as close as possible to your business objectives in order to streamline the customer experience and to commit them for the long term.

Thanks to our unique REBEL® methodology, we support you throughout your project, from drafting the specifications to training your teams, whatever your sector of activity.

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A sustainable ecosystem, capable of supporting your growth


To be effective, your customer relationship management software must be integrated with the other tools you use on a daily basis: telephone tool, chat, CRM, etc.

Our integration experts ensure that your customer service solution is synchronized with the other tools that make up your technical ecosystem to facilitate access to information, improve the productivity of your teams and enhance the customer experience.


Native, low code or personalized integrations via API, we have the necessary expertise to help you ask yourself the right questions and build a sustainable system that will evolve with your growth.


A leader in consulting and integration
to implement your customer relationship software


Markentive has developed the unique and complete REBEL® methodology to support you throughout your customer service project:
from strategic definition to implementation, including training your teams to make them autonomous.


Scope of project

  • Analysis of your technical ecosystem
  • Definition of your goals
  • Choice of the tool
  • Assessment of your integration needs


Strategy definition

  • Writing your specifications
  • Definition of the project timeline
  • Setup of project management tools
  • Analysis of your existing customer service processes


Deployment plan

  • Data model
  • Governance
  • Ticketing pipelines
  • Reporting needs
  • Integrations structure


Solution deployment

  • Tool setup
  • Creation of users
  • Creation of ticket pipelines
  • Creation of reports
  • Creation of integrations


Team training

  • Creation of a tailor-made training plan
  • Training session with certified trainers
  • Creation of supports for your users
  • Support for tool adoption among your teams

An example of the Rebel approach : take a look at the Zeop use case

Thanks to the REBEL methodology, Zeop has set up an efficient multi-channel customer service system.

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HubSpot: the Customer Service solution designed for all businesses


HubSpot's Service Hub is our favorite customer relationship management solution for two main reasons:

bullet It's a solution that centralizes all the customer service channels and interactions of your contacts within an integrated CRM to enhance the customer relationship.

bullet It's a software that offers multiple tools to increase the productivity of your support teams: live chat, customer satisfaction surveys, ticketing tool, self-service knowledge base, customer portal, shared inbox...

customer service information

Improve the performance of your teams thanks to precise monitoring


HubSpot's Service Hub offers many reporting possibilities to allow you to easily follow the volume of tickets handled, the time spent to resolve incidents or even the response time of your teams.

By creating pipelines and dashboards differentiated by teams or by type of problem, you will be able to precisely manage all of your customer service actions.

customer service reporting dashboard

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Customer Service according to Markentive

Why implement a customer loyalty strategy?

A loyalty strategy is the culmination of your business strategy, and allows you to consolidate your market share.

Very often, companies tend to focus on winning new customers and neglect the satisfaction of existing customers. However, this approach often has negative consequences on growth, resulting in the loss of customers to the benefit of competition, and the need to mobilize significant efforts to recover.

It is therefore essential to take care of your customers to optimize your performance, especially since it costs less than an acquisition strategy!

What are the benefits of a customer service solution?

A customer service solution allows you to implement your loyalty strategy.

You can centralize and respond to customer requests, while providing them with a personalized and frictionless experience.

For you, the interests are numerous and very strategic. Indeed, the tool becomes a source of information about your customers that you can use to monitor their level of satisfaction, identify your promoting customers, detect new business opportunities, but also to move your offer in the right direction. So much information that allows you to launch high value-added actions.

Which customer relationship management solution to choose?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Indeed, the choice of a customer relationship management solution depends on the specifics of your company, your strategy, your objectives, your budget... So many parameters to take into account when you make a decision for such a major project for your company.

In addition, there are many tools on the market, which makes the task even more complex. In order not to be mistaken, Markentive can help you in this process thanks to our experience and our knowledge of the market.

Why entrust your Customer Service project to Markentive?

Composed of a team of 20 experienced consultants, Markentive has already supported its clients on customer relationship automation projects.

Our expertise in consulting, agency services and as an integrator combined with our REBEL® method allows our specialists to approach projects in a holistic way, from the design of customer-centric strategies to operational execution, including technical implementation.