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To strengthen your growth, your successful sales strategy should always be combined with a strong customer success approach. Because a loyal customer is less volatile and buys more than the other, it has become essential to install an efficient customer service management system. This software will help you create a long-term relationship with your clients. The customer loyalty solution meets different needs: follow-up on your clients requests, measure their satisfaction, detect potential up-sells and cross-sells, identify brand ambassadors... In a nutshell, these tools are essential to ensure the customer service quality you clients deserve and to engage them in the long run.


Our Customer Service implementation offer
is suitable for your company if

  • You need a solution helping you answer efficiently to all your clients requests while offering them a seamless experience
  • You would like to make your acquisition costs profitable by building valuable customer relationships
  • You would like to improve your customer retention rate thanks to a customer loyalty program
  • The scope of your project is simple but your team does not have the required bandwidth or enough experience using a Customer Service tool
  • The scope of your project is complex and you need help managing the project and starting your customer success revolution
  • Your IT environment requires custom API integrations

The best of consulting and integration to set up your customer service software

Thanks to a strong expertise in the digital transformation of sales & marketing, Markentive has turned customer service and client loyalty strategies into a pillar of growth for ambitious companies for over 10 years. In order to ensure our clients success, we have created a comprehensive approach that has widely proven its worth amongst our clients. Adopting the REBEL® approach is the guarantee your project will be handled by a team of professionals from the drawing up of the specifications of the tool to the training of your teams. No matter your industry, this offer is an excellent starting point for revolutionizing your customer service and building a sustainable, growth-driven technical ecosystem. 

Trust us with your Customer Service project

Our offers to support youe customer service

Two approaches to revolutionize your customer service and put your client as the heart of your business

"Set-up" offer for a quick configuration

This offer lets you analyze your customer service performance and trigger support actions by making your team autonomous in their daily tasks.

Kick-off + 2 Workshops
  • Data model of standard objects (companies, contacts, tickets)
  • Implementation plan
  • Definition of one or two support pipelines
  • Customization of account, contact and ticket records
  • Creation of a performance monitoring dashboard
  • Integration of communication channels (emails, chat, Facebook messenger)
  • Technical configuration
  • Data import support
  • 1/2 day of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management

3 hours of support valid for 3 months

starting at
6 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 2 weeks

"Start" offer including a comprehensive approach

Beyond setting up a Customer Service software and empowering your teams, we formalize your business strategy. Put the power of automation at the service of your Customer Success team!

Kick off + 4 workshops
  • All of the "SETUP" offer
  • Review of high-priority support use cases
  • Review of high-priority automations (tasks, pipelines, notifications, etc.)
  • Creation of support productivity monitoring dashboard
  • Best practices and high-priority support enablement or automation actions + guidelines & usage reports (priority, customer feedback...)
  • 2  half-days of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management

1 day of support valid for 3 months

starting at
12 500 euros (excl. VAT)*
*over 4 weeks

"Advanced" offer for ambitious projects

To put Customer support at the service of your growth in a complex environment, this offer aims to optimize your business strategy. A tailor-made tool created for your teams!

Kick off + 6 Workshops
  • All of the "START" offer
  • Understanding and implementation of the commercial strategy (OKR)
  • Modeling and optimization of sales processes
  • Creation of an adoption monitoring dashboard
  • Customer Service playbook
  • Guidelines to use the Knowledge Base
  • Multi-team / multi-role governance
  • 3 half-days of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management

2 days of support valid for 3 months

starting at
20 000 euros (excl. VAT)*
*over 4 to 8 weeks

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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Customer Service by Markentive

Why should we create a customer loyalty strategy?

A customer loyalty strategy is the completion of your sales strategy and helps you consolidate your market share. Too often, companies remain focused on acquiring new clients and neglect existing ones. Yet, this approach can have very. negative effects on your growth by turning into clients loss and the need to make an extra effort to compensate. It is essential to take care of your clients to optimize your performances especially since it costs less than acquiring new ones. 

What are the benefits of using a customer service solution?

A customer service solution helps you put in motion your customer loyalty strategy. You can consolidate your clients requests and your answers while offering a seamless and personalized experience. The benefits are various: this solutions becomes a gold mine of information on your clients that you will be able to use to follow their satisfaction, identify brand ambassadors, detect new business opportunities but also make you offer evolve according to your clients needs. All kind of information that will help you launch high value actions! 

Which customer service solution to choose?

There is no definitive answer to this questions. The choice of one customer service solution over another depends on your company, your strategy, your objectives and your budget... So many parameters to take into account in your decision. Moreover, a large variety of tools is available on the market, which makes the choice even harder. In order no to get the wrong tool, Markentive can help you through this process thanks to our experience and good knowledge of the market.

Why should we choose Markentive for our customer service project?

Our team of 20 consultants is experienced in implementing customer loyalty strategies, integrating service softwares. Our exclusive positioning (consulting, integrator, agency) and our REBEL® approach empower our experts to conduct project in a holistic way, from customer-oriented strategy conception to technical implementation and operational execution.