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RevOps: Audit and revamp your HubSpot account!

You have been using HubSpot CRM and/or Marketing for several years but your account settings no longer meet your business needs?


As your company grows, your service/product offering, your targets, your teams and your needs evolve and it becomes necessary to audit your HubSpot account to bring it in line with your business needs.


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A detailed audit of your account to adapt your business to a new reality


We first take the time to define your business objectives, your KPIs and your processes. Markentive's experts analyze your HubSpot platform in detail: governance, GDPR, objects, properties, workflows, pipelines, forms, productivity tools and reports in order to identify areas of improvement and settings or processes that will need to be redefined.



Unleash the power of RevOps...


While many organizations are still very siloed, today it's important for marketing, sales and customer service to work together to be aligned around common processes and goals, to be able to deliver a consistent and unified customer experience.

HubSpot can foster this type of organization as it enables teams to work with a common data centralized in the CRM. By implementing scalable processes that allow you to define governance, automations, assets, and the right data model, you'll obtain reliable, high-quality data for all users that will allow you to exploit the full potential of your HubSpot solution and make it evolve as you grow.


...to maximize adoption and return on investment.

Auditing and cleaning up a HubSpot account usually means removing unnecessary elements, streamlining processes and simplifying usage for all users. As a result, you will quickly see better adoption by your teams, greater use of all features and, consequently, a better return on investment. 


A leader in consulting and integration
to audit your HubSpot accounts 


As a HubSpot Elite partner, Markentive has developed a unique and complete REBEL methodology to accompany you throughout your HubSpot audit project.
From strategic scoping to the implementation of recommendations and the training of your teams, we are at your side every step of the way to ensure a successful adoption of the tool.


Strategic scoping

  • Organization of thematic workshops
  • Scoping of needs by role (Marketing, Sales, Service)


Audit of the existing system

  • Analysis of the different settings of your HubSpot CRM, Sales, Marketing & Service Hubs 


New data model

  • Data model by object
  • Lifecycle stage & automations
  • Lead status & customer status
  • Integrations & data mapping
  • Forms, CTAs, workflows, lists, campaigns


Deployment plan

  • Deployment of corrective actions
  • Deployment of integrations
  • Temporary or permanent activation/deactivation of automated scenarios



  • Change management
    training for new processes 

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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What they say about us... 

Fantastic & efficient team... the A-Team

"As a B2B business we use to have already all of our CRM in HubSpot. Joining as the VP of sales I decided to reshape the all sales process and working with our VP of marketing we also decided to reshape the all Marketing process. Bérénice and Christina made a fantastic job to make us move our old system by redesigning all processes, customizing HubSpot building reports etc but more over they drive the project and us in a very agile way with a strong methodology that was predictable and making a very efficient use of our time. It was delivered in time and with the right level of engagement on our side."


 Olivier Duprez

VP Sales at Critizr

Tailor-made, responsive support and a very good expertise

Markentive arrived at the right time, on a HubSpot that was widely used and rather mature, but with flaws: data that was sometimes not very usable, "in-house" properties and automations that ended up piling up, cumbersome processes and reduced readability. With the help of Markentive, we ended up with a well thought-out CRM = usable data = the possibility of having real reports that hold up. But also, the ability to welcome new recruits in a healthy environment, a standardization of practices and vocabulary, and a much more homogeneous level of overall CRM control.

Alexis Monjal

Head of Growth at Epsor

I highly recommend Markentive !

I highly recommend Markentive ! I had the chance to be accompanied by the founder who was extremely efficient. We had set up our tool alone and it was a disaster. Markentive helped us to put back in place a good organization, thank you very much! I can't wait to do the rest with you :)

Mylène Hayek

Founder at Maison Hayek

HubSpot Audit by Markentive

Why audit your HubSpot account? 

The audit is an ideal solution if you have been using HubSpot for several months/years and :

 → Your offers, products or services have evolved since you implemented the HubSpot solution

→ The settings in place no longer meet your needs

 → Adoption is stagnating

 → Your data is not qualitative enough and you are having trouble leveraging it

What can I expect from a HubSpot audit and revamp?

During the HubSpot audit, an expert consultant will review all existing processes and needs with representatives from the Marketing, Sales and Service teams. We will then analyze your HubSpot solutions in detail to identify areas of improvement as well as reconfiguration and integration needs.

Setting up your HubSpot account in line with your business needs should allow you to gain efficiency, improve adoption and maximize your return on investment. 

How long will it take to audit my HubSpot account and deploy the recommendations?

It all depends on the needs we identify. The scoping of the needs generally takes 2 to 3 weeks, the audit requires a few days, the creation of the new data model takes 1 to 2 weeks and the deployment of the recommendations 2 to 3 weeks. The project thus lasts 6 to 8 weeks if you do not take into account the support during the adoption phase in the few weeks following the launch of the project.

Why entrust your HubSpot audit project to Markentive ?

Markentive is one of the largest HubSpot partners in the world. We support more than 3000 customers from all industries in the implementation of the entire HubSpot solution (CRM, Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations & CMS).