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The HubSpot tool suite: an all-in-one platform to support your growth

Find all the tools you need for creating effective marketing campaigns, aligning your teams, boosting your sales and increasing customer loyalty with high-quality customer service. Want to learn more? Our HubSpot-certified agency can give you a personal demonstration.


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MARKETING HUB: All the tools you need for effective campaigns


The numerous tools offered by Marketing Hub allow you to implement an effective inbound and marketing automation strategy.


In doing so, you can:

bullet Increase your traffic,

bullet Convert prospects,

bullet Develop customer relationships and increase loyalty


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The main features of the Marketing Hub


Everything you need to generate leads

Enjoy a wide range of features for launching effective campaigns to convert visitors to your site into leads.

  • bullet Landing pages
  • bullet Call-to-action
  • bullet Forms
  • bullet Chatbots
  • bullet A/B testing
  • You can create and customize all these modules to offer relevant conversion points to your visitors and leads. You can also adapt them to your audience, personas and lifecycles.

SEO tools to increase your visibility

HubSpot allows you to optimize your content and improve your position on search engines.

  • bullet On-page optimization recommendations
  • bullet  Keyword planning tools
  • bullet  Topic cluster management
  • bullet  Technical audits and listing of errors to be corrected
  • bullet  Multi-channel content delivery

  • All these tools give you a clear picture of the health of your SEO strategy and allow you to remain in a continuous optimization approach. For more visibility, you can also use native integrations with third-party SEO tools.

Marketing automation features to encourage conversion

HubSpot's marketing automation software, combined with a tailor-made strategy for your business, helps you increase efficiency and transform your leads into customers.

  • bullet Segmented data through HubSpot's CRM, allowing you to personalize your communications
  • bullet Effective email tools allowing you to send newsletters, automated emails or RSS feeds
  • bullet A social network management and analysis tool for publishing conteent on all your channels in just a few clicks
  • bullet Paid campaign management tools (social Ads, Google Ads, etc.)
  • bullet Workflows for automating the sending of emails (lead nurturing, transactional emails and database management activities)
  • bullet Scoring which allows you to identify hot leads and facilitate their transformation to customers through the appropriate actions



To support sales teams and improve their performance, HubSpot has launched its Sales Hub, a sales software platform supported by its powerful CRM.


The objectives of the tools offered by this hub include:

bullet Generation of more sales opportunities

bullet Increased efficiency by automating redundant tasks

bullet Management of sales forecasts and the team's sales activities

bullet Reactivity (and proactivity!) through a 360° view on interactions with prospects and customers

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The main features of Sales Hub

Tools for engaging your prospects and encouraging conversion

In order to nurture relationships with prospects, it's important to be able to contact them easily and engage them in productive conversations.

  • bullet ready-to-use email templates
  • bullet automated sequences of emails
  • bullet recording of  calls made and received
  • bullet generation and sending of meeting links
  • bullet live chats to facilitate communication
  • All data generated by interactions between prospects and customers via these tools will be saved in the contact/company/deal records of your CRM.

Simplifying sales and administrative tasks

It's not good to waste your salespeople's time with redundant and time-consuming tasks instead of allowing them to focus on selling... We have the tools to help them!

  • bullet create and schedule tasks and reminders for your salespeople
  • bullet create queues to centralize the actions to be taken 
  • bullet quickly generate quotes from a HubSpot product library based on transactions created
  • bullet collect online payments (with Stripe) and use electronic signatures to accelerate and simplify processes

Optimizing your activities through powerful reporting and third-party integrations

You can't improve if you don't have the ability to analyze results, so here are some tools to better monitor your sales activities and make the right decisions.

  • bullet personalized reports for monitoring your most important KPIs
  • bullet dashboards for monitoring the activity of your teams, your opportunities and your sales forecasts
  • bullet over 800 natively connected applications (via the HubSpot Marketplace or third-party connectors) to allow you to connect and synchronize your prospecting, billing, calling and ERP tools.



The customer service management tools offered by this hub allow you to offer a personalized and memorable experience to your customers and prospects.


You can easily onboard your contacts and support them by responding to their questions and taking care of after-sales service along with increaing their long-term loyalty.



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Service Hub's main features

Tools for effective collaboration

Your customer service/support team can work together on a powerful tool that offers a view on the entire customer journey as well as customer requests.

  • bullet Shared email box
  • bullet Advanced ticketing tools
  • bullet Ticket pipelines by category
  • bullet Automations for allocating tickets and tasks
  • bullet Customizable meeting planners


Multi-channel support

Integrate all your main channels to centralize support requests while providing information to those who prefer to find their own answers.

  • bullet Live chat
  • bullet Integration with numerous channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, email, etc.)
  • bullet Call tracking
  • bullet Personalized video messages
  • bullet Knowledge base
  • bullet Customer portal

Increased focus on customer satisfaction

Measure satisfaction among customers and prospects with innovative tools and customized reporting to help you identify areas of improvement and offer tailor-made solutions to your contacts.

  • bullet Personalized customer satisfaction surveys
  • bullet CES (Customer Effort Scores), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys
  • bullet SLA (Service-level Agreements) for transparency for your contacts by letting them know the processing times for their requests
  • bullet Customer service analytics through specific reports, including by team, by subject, etc.
  • bullet Sales forecasting and customer service forecasting to provide an overview of your pipelines




Growing your business isn't just about your marketing campaigns and sales actions; it's also about your online presence via an optimized and efficient website.


The HubSpot CMS is an all-in-one platform that offers you numerous tools for implementing successful initiatives. Recognized as one of the best CMS tools on the market, it's perfect for redesigning your site with efficiency and giving you full autonomy as your business evolves in the future.

CMS Hub business impact
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CMS Hub's main features

Sales and marketing are the heart of the CMS

No more static showcase sites that are difficult to change or redesign. With CMS Hub, you can implement numerous actions to boost your sales and marketing activities.

  • bullet SEO recommendations to continually optimize your content and identify any errors in real time
  • bullet Themes and site templates for creating or modifying your pages in just a few clicks.
  • bullet Drag and drop tools to simplify the creation process
  • bullet Conversion points that can be added to the pages in an autonomous way (CTAs, forms, pop-ups, etc.)
  • bullet A/B testing options on your website pages
  • bullet Blog tools for easily creating and distributing value-added resources

A powerful and personalized CMS

Development teams will love working with the HubSpot CMS, thanks to the options offered by this SaaS, the available documentation and the HubSpot community.

  • bullet Themes for your website
  • bullet Dynamic content that uses CRM data to personalize the pages of your website
  • bullet Serverless features
  • bullet A local development environment that can be used with GitHub projects
  • bullet Availability of Sandboxes for testing your new developments before implementing them into your main instance

cms hubspot secure
The advantage of a secure SaaS CMS

Your IT teams will no longer need to spend time on maintaining your website. HubSpot takes care of it all!

  • bullet Automatic assignment of a standard SSL certificate upon connection of your domain name
  • bullet No updates or maintenance to perform
  • bullet No plugins for the various CMS features
  • bullet Activity logs and content splitting
  • bullet Security monitoring, automatic detection of threats in real time.



The Operations Hub allows for native and bi-directional integrations between HubSpot and your third-party solutions in addition to cleaning and structuring your contact data and automating numerous processes.


These operations are carried out via intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. The goal is to encourage alignment of the various teams in your company around data that's clean and that everyone can use.


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The main features of the Operations Hub

Synchronizing and formatting customer data

Use the power of the Operations tools to efficiently coordinate your teams' activities and enable the creation of reliable reports.

  • bullet Synchronization of data between HubSpot and your various applications without the need for technical skills
  • bullet Automatic data cleansing
  • bullet Personalized properties for tailor-made reporting
  • bullet Data sets
  • bullet Sharing of data with Snowflake
  • bullet Custom report editor

Automation of your business processes for improved efficiency

Simplify the work of your teams and give them all the tools they need to optimize their everyday processes.

  • bullet Programmable and personalized automations via coded actions for optimizing sales processes (lead rotations, renewals, etc.)
  • bullet Management of team authorizations to ensure that everyone has the access they need to do their job
  • bullet Extensions available for workflows to trigger actions in the other apps you use

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