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Consulting and integration of marketing automation solutions

Boost your marketing and sales performance by aligning your teams using a marketing automation solution! The right strategy and the right integrator will allow you to boost your growth and improve your customer experience.


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A tailor-made Marketing Automation strategy, at the service of your growth


With more than 10 years of experience in marketing automation and more than 300 customers, the Markentive experts will do everything to help you reach your goals! 

We are an agency: thanks to our extensive knowledge of the marketing automation market solutions and our signature methodology (the REBEL® approach) we guarantee the success of the most ambitious companies.

We are an integrator: we carry out faultless configuration of your marketing automation tool, to obtain business results as quickly as possible while engaging your team.

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…and with real results in record time


The implementation of a well-configured marketing automation tool makes it possible to quickly create campaigns and thus capitalize on the solution.

Don't wait any longer and launch your first acquisition campaigns! Just like our customers, revolutionize your lead generation system: boost your performance while reducing the cost per lead.

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Our marketing automation experts will
manage your project from A to Z


Markentive has developed the REBEL® methodology to support you throughout your marketing automation project: from strategy definition to setting up tools, implementing automation scenarios, including synchronization with your third-party platforms and training your teams.


Scope of project

  • Analysis of your technical ecosystem
  • Definition of your goals
  • Assessment of your migration and synchronization needs


Strategy definition

  • Writing your specifications
  • Definition of the project timeline
  • Setup of project management tools
  • Strategy definition workshops


Deployment plan

  • Buyer personas and buyer journey
  • Sales & marketing automation needs
  • Governance
  • Data model
  • Reporting
  • Needs in terms of templates for emails and website /landing pages
  • Lead-scoring


Automation tool implementation

  • User creation
  • Properties, forms, scoring, GDPR
  • Creation of automation workflows
  • Development of landing page and email templates
  • Configuration of reporting dashboards


Team training

  • Creation of a tailor-made training plan
  • Training session with certified trainers
  • Creation of supports for your users
  • Q&A sessions with marketing automation experts

An example of the Rebel approach : take a look at the Solocal use case

Find out how Soclocal reduced its cost of acquisition per lead by -45% thanks to the strategy implemented by Markentive and the integration of a powerful marketing automation solution.

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Automate the success of your campaigns with the HubSpot Marketing tool


The Markentive agency supports you in the implementation of the best marketing automation tools on the market. As the first HubSpot Elite Partner in France, we deploy the HubSpot Marketing solution for most of our customers, due to its many advantages. Here are two:


bullet  It is a complete platform that allows you to manage all of your marketing channels easily. Landing pages, emailing tools and social network management, advertising campaigns... you will have visibility on all your actions from a single tool. Thanks to the precise segmentation provided by the HubSpot CRM, you will be able to offer highly personalized experiences to your contacts.


bullet  It is a powerful tool which allows you to gain in productivity. Your teams will be able to automate a large number of recurring and time-consuming actions, while personalizing the journey of your leads based on specific properties and behaviors.


hubspot marketing tool

An easy-to-use solution that will allow you to quickly capitalize on your automation tool


Thanks to its user-friendly interface, HubSpot Marketing allows your teams to get started quickly and easily, in order to launch marketing campaigns and automated nurturing scenarios immediately after implementation.

You will be able to upgrade your tools easily, in order to follow the evolution of your strategy and best support your growth. Markentive will be able to train and make your teams autonomous on all the tools, as well as set up tailor-made onboarding processes for your new users and monitor the adoption of the tools internally.

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Marketing Automation according to Markentive

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation consists of setting up automated scenarios. In general, a scenario involves actions that are applied to segments, such as the updating of a given variable, the sending of an email, the creation of a notification, an attribution, or the creation of a task in the CRM system.

Most of the tools on the market inherently embed a large number of filtering options or actions, while other actions and triggers are made available via specific integrations.

Is marketing automation right for my company?

Marketing automation involves automating actions in response to a specific event. For a marketing automation tool to be profitable, your company should have a well-configured CRM system with up-to-date and properly segmented databases. Furthermore, to make your automation effective, you also need in-depth knowledge of the prospect/customer journey. Automation is not magic - it simply lets you achieve the same results more quickly than you would from a proven manual approach.

Feel free to contact our experts for more information!

How do I choose a marketing automation tool? How much will it cost?

There are around ten main marketing automation tools on the market, and each of these tools has more or less the same major functions.

We can assess your technology ecosystem, your needs, and your budget to help you choose the right tool for your company. You can search for independent rankings such as those provided by G2 CROWD.

As for the cost, automation tools usually run between 10,000 and 60,000 euros per year (excluding taxes), depending on the size of your database (number of contacts).

Which marketing automation tools does Markentive use?

Markentive is a global leader in the implementation of HubSpot but our team also works with Oracle, Act-On, and Salesforce Pardot.

Why should we choose Markentive for our marketing automation project?

Markentive has been a pioneer in the field of marketing automation since 2012. Our team of 20 consultants is experienced in launching campaigns, integrating complex tools with specific API developments, and conducting personalized training sessions (Qualiopi certified and OPCO financing available in France).