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Consulting and integration of marketing automation solutions

Looking to align your sales & marketing teams to boost your long-term performance? If so, then a marketing automation project is a must. When properly managed and configured, these solutions allow you to pilot the customer journey and automatically generate highly personalized campaigns, the success of which you can monitor. Marketing automation projects are perfect for companies whose growth is plateauing or who are overwhelmed by time-consuming processes that ultimately carry little value (CSV downloads, report creation, ROI calculations, etc.).


Our marketing automation offer
is suitable for your organization if

  • The scope of your project is simple but your team has little or no experience in marketing automation
  • The scope of your project is complex and you need help defining and managing your priorities
  • Your team does not have the time or technical skills to implement a solution
  • Your project is complex and requires custom API integrations
  • You want to immediately get started with effective and high-priority campaigns to make your solution profitable as quickly as possible
  • You need a project management consultant to ensure your implementation roadmap is followed and no actions are overlooked

The best of consulting and integration for your marketing automation project

A leader in marketing automation, Markentive boasts extensive knowledge of market solutions and a trademark approach (REBEL®) that sets ambitious companies on the road to success. By trusting us with your project, you'll save precious time looking for a tool and benefit from a flawless configuration designed to inspire your team and produce immediate results. Backed by 10 years of experience in the field (and more than 200 customers), we help you create the perfect sales & marketing automation campaigns for your company. We work with customers from all sectors of activity and in countries around the world.

Trust us with your marketing automation project

Our marketing automation offers

Choose the offer that best meets your needs

"Setup" offer for a quick configuration

A simple and affordable offer to frame the need, document the configuration, deploy a tool and empower your team with training. The essentials to start!

Kick off + 2 workshops
  • Framework documents
  • Implementation plan
  • Basic technical configuration
  • Creation of email and landing page templates
  • 1 day of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management

3 hours of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
7 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 2 to 3 weeks

"Start" offer for a comprehensive approach

Beyond technical settings and team training, the start offer allows you to formalize priority scenarios (up-sell / cross-sell / nurturing / loyalty) around your business challenges.

Kick off + 4 workshops
  • All of the "SETUP" offer
  • Review of conversion use cases
  • Review of personas and customer journeys (prepared by the customer)
  • Creation of priority scenarios (upselling/cross-selling/building loyalty outside the scope of the content strategy)

1 day of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
15 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 weeks

"Advanced" offer for ambitious projects

This offer is an approach that includes all the business, technical and operational components to make your marketing automation project a success, with a strong advisory dimension.

Kick off + 5 workshops
  • All of the "START" offer
  • Creation or update of personas and customer journeys
  • Creation and optimisation of the customer journey
  • Reactivation Campaign Planner

2 days of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
20 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 to 8 weeks

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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Marketing automation by Markentive

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation consists of setting up automated scenarios. In general, a scenario involves actions that are applied to segments, such as the updating of a given variable, the sending of an email, the creation of a notification, an attribution, or the creation of a task in the CRM system. Most of the tools on the market inherently embed a large number of filtering options or actions, while other actions and triggers are made available via specific integrations.

Is marketing automation right for my company?

Marketing automation involves automating actions in response to a specific event. For a marketing automation tool to be profitable, your company should have a well-configured CRM system with up-to-date and properly segmented databases. Furthermore, to make your automation effective, you also need in-depth knowledge of the prospect/customer journey. Automation is not magic - it simply lets you achieve the same results more quickly than you would from a proven manual approach. Feel free to contact our experts for more information.

How do I choose a marketing automation tool? How much will it cost?

There are around ten main marketing automation tools on the market, and each of these tools has more or less the same major functions. We can assess your technology ecosystem, your needs, and your budget to help you choose the right tool for your company. Feel free to download our study conducted with the Electronic Business Group (EBG) or search for independent rankings such as those provided by G2 CROWD. As for the cost, automation tools usually run between 10,000 and 60,000 euros per year (excluding taxes), depending on the size of your database (number of contacts).

Which marketing automation tools does Markentive use?

Markentive is a global leader in the implementation of HubSpot but our team also boasts expertise with Oracle, Act-On, and Salesforce Pardot.

Why should we choose Markentive for our marketing automation project?

Markentive has been a pioneer in the field of marketing automation since 2012. Our team of 20 consultants is experienced in launching campaigns, integrating complex tools with specific API developments, and conducting personalized training sessions (OPCO financing available in France).