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HubSpot Elite Partner Agency

Markentive is one of the 9 leading Elite Partner agencies in the HubSpot ecosystem worldwide. Our recognized HubSpot Marketing, CRM, Services and COS experts advise and support you in the deployment and optimization of your solution.

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What is HubSpot ?

Since 2006, HubSpot has been reinventing growth

HubSpot was founded in 2006 in the United States by the two theorists of Inbound Marketing: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have since built the most integrated software suite on the market.


Their mission? Increase the companies growth by providing their B2B and B2C consumers with the best possible experiences.

From an automated marketing solution aimed at generating traffic and qualified leads, HubSpot has developed into a growth generator for ambitious companies.

With the CRM and Customer Service, HubSpot now allows you to manage all stages of a customer's lifecycle: from their first visit to your site as a simple prospect to their conversion into a qualified lead, then to the signing of a contract and up to their loyalty.

How is HubSpot different from other players?

HubSpot is the only platform that allows you to manage your marketing, sales, website and customer service in one place.


HubSpot is the only solution on the market that allows you to manage your marketing (all channels, campaigns, acquisition, nurturing, conversion, loyalty), your CRM and sales activity (pipeline, opportunities, sales automation, quotes and electronic signature), your customer service and your website from a single platform. Everything is centralized and easy to use.

HubSpot has designed in parallel one of the most complete knowledge base of all Marketing and CRM software editors, not to mention its very active and always ready to help community. Customer support is also very responsive and efficient.

Finally, the HubSpot product range offers great flexibility. According to your needs, you can design a package that fits your budget.

What are the steps for implementing HubSpot?

  • Review of your goals and needs (Marketing, CRM, Customer Service, CMS) in order to advise you on the most appropriate package for your company;
  • Deployment plan to define the technical requirements: migration of a contact/company database, adaptation of the data model, synchronization with the IT ecosystem;
  • HubSpot deployment: configuration of the marketing solution (email templates, landing page templates, forms, CTA, automated email scenarios), CRM (pipelines and deal management), Service (ticket and customer service management);
  • Training in the use and good practices of HubSpot.
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What are the advantages of Hubspot?

HubSpot, the power of a complete suite for your growth

HubSpot is an integrated solution that allows you to manage the growth of your business.

From generating qualified traffic on your website to building customer loyalty, all from one place.

An agile and user-friendly marketing automation tool

HubSpot allows you to manage and automate all your marketing channels and actions.

HubSpot is a unique platform that allows you to gain in efficiency and productivity.

HubSpot CMS, a modern site in SaaS that participates in the commercial effort

With HubSpot's CMS, your site is integrated with your marketing solution and your CRM.

Each visitor sees personalized content according to his needs and level of maturity.

HubSpot CRM and Service Hub, a tool to increase productivity and performance

Manage your pipeline of business opportunities as well as your customer relationship.

Once the contract is signed, ensure after-sales service and turn your customers into ambassadors of your brand.

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How to set up Hubspot with Markentive?

We are recognized by HubSpot as experts in the deployment of their Marketing Automation, CRM, Services and COS solutions. We adapt HubSpot to the specificities of your company and train your teams to make them operational.


Tactical advice and scoping HubSpot

A strategic phase where we put on paper your objectives and your main work topics to deal with HubSpot.


HubSpot implementation and integration

Whatever your IT ecosystem, we help you set up HubSpot and synchronize it with your existing technology base.


HubSpot training

Our team of marketing experts, CRM and web developers train you in the use and best practices of the entire HubSpot suite.



We support you in launching marketing campaigns, automating your marketing and sales and configuring HubSpot.

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Questions about Hubspot?

Why choose HubSpot?

HubSpot combines ease of use, comprehensive functionality, outstanding support and price flexibility. Whether you want to generate traffic and new leads, automate your marketing, nurturing, manage your sales pipeline or offer quality customer service and customer loyalty, anything is possible. You build your custom solution.

What are HubSpot's prices?

HubSpot Suite prices vary according to the combination of products chosen (Marketing, CRM, Services), the features required and the number of users. This usually represents several hundred to several thousand Euros per month depending on your needs. For more information, the prices are explained in detail on their website.

Do I have to use all HubSpot products?

No, HubSpot adapts to your needs. Each product is available in its own: Marketing, CRM, Services and CMS. And for each of these products, several price levels exist according to the functionalities you are looking for. You can of course choose a combination of several products according to your needs. This flexibility allows you to build a tailor-made solution for your organization.

What is an Elite HubSpot agency like Markentive?

Elite status is the highest level of partnership assigned to agencies by HubSpot.  This means that the level of expertise, the effectiveness of the strategies deployed, the number of customers supported and the customer retention rate are the highest among all existing HubSpot partners. Only 9 agencies have achieved this status worldwide. At Markentive, we are proud to offer this level of service to our clients.

How long will it take me to master the tool?

For a customized configuration and optimal deployment of HubSpot, it usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks depending on the product or combination of products you choose. Once in place, your teams are up and running in 1 to 3 days thanks to the training provided by our Elite Partner expert consultants.