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Positioning yourself on the first page of search results for top queries in your sector is vital to boosting your business and sales! Here at Markentive, we believe that SEO is an integral part of every complete digital strategy. It generates leads, and draws qualified traffic to your website.


Carrying out an SEO audit is a fundamental step in assessing your website’s SEO health and creating an effective, long-term SEO strategy.


Markentive’s SEO strategy and audit offer

is right for your company if

  • You want to make lasting improvements to your online and search engine visibility
  • You want to improve your ranking for strategic and transactional queries in your business sector
  • You need to implement a relevant editorial strategy for your prospects, and optimize your content for SEO
  • You want to drive organic traffic and generate qualified leads
  • You need to technically optimize your website to help it meet Google’s ranking criteria
  • You want to improve your website’s authority, and get help with implementing an effective link building strategy

Make your SEO strategy a lever for growth

Markentive can conduct a thorough audit of your website to help you build an SEO strategy that’s tailored to meet your business needs and marketing objectives. 

Following your audit, we’ll provide a series of recommendations for implementing an effective SEO strategy, driving qualified traffic and getting the word out about your website. 

Our experts can also help you define and implement an SEO strategy that will last, including content and link building strategies and technical enhancements. 

Let us help you build a winning SEO strategy!

Our SEO audit and support services

A precise situational analysis to help you define your SEO strategy, and customized assistance to help you implement our recommendations.

SEO audits

Technical & Semantic

We identify the technical enhancements to implement and the semantic content to strengthen in order to increase visibility in search results.

  • Technical SEO performance analysis
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Code performance analysis
  • Semantic tagging analysis 
  • Customer personas and customer journey workshop
  • Semantic SEO performance analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identification of topic clusters to work on
  • Keyword study
  • SEO recommendations
starting at
7 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 2 weeks

SEO audit  Popularity 

We analyze your backlink profile and your competitors’ profiles to identify opportunities for link building to improve your ranking.  

  • Kick off meeting
  • Link profile analysis
  • Anchor text analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Frequency analysis
  • SEO recommendations


Starting at
3 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 1 week

SEO support


We help you implement the recommendations from your SEO audit.


  • Kick off meeting
  • Monthly scoping meetings
  • Implementation of technical enhancements
  • Development of a link building strategy
  • Optimization of your existing content
  • SEO content creation
  • Training in SEO content creation



Starting at
3 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*per month

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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Markentive SEO strategy and audit services

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit analyzes a website to assess its search engine ranking, technical performance and popularity. The audit provides a situational analysis of the existing website, and is the first step in creating an SEO strategy that will make long-term improvements to your website’s search engine visibility.

What’s involved in an SEO audit?

A full SEO audit includes several essential steps:

1. A technical audit, to verify the website’s performance and SEO health.

2. A semantic audit and competitor analysis, to define a relevant, effective content strategy.

3. An on-page audit, to optimize semantic tagging on your website and boost the rankings of existing pages.

4. A popularity audit to implement a link building strategy and boost performance.

Why conduct an SEO audit for your website?

An SEO audit is the best way to assess your website’s SEO health in order to implement an effective SEO strategy. It’s also an essential starting point for redesigning your website.

Why choose Markentive for your SEO strategy?

Markentive offers customized SEO auditing and support that’s focused on your specific needs and business priorities. Once you’ve received your post-audit recommendations, we can provide complete assistance with building your SEO strategy and implementing it quickly and effectively.

For a more competitive strategy, we can also help you create SEO content, provide SEO content creation training for your team, and even assist with creating a new website that’s optimized for SEO and the user experience.

When you choose Markentive, you get proven techniques and an experienced team with cross-sectoral expertise. We can revolutionize your entire digital strategy, or target specific areas for improvement.