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Hubspot Sales Hub : 
Multiply your sales

Sales Hub is a powerful sales software package used in conjunction with HubSpot CRM which allows your sales team to generate more prospects and increase efficiency through the automation of time-consuming tasks.

It allows you to manage your sales forecasts and sales activity in a precise manner and establish long-lasting relationships with your customers and prospects.

Use it with the other tools in the HubSpot suite for even better results.

What are the advantages of the HubSpot Sales Hub?

Accurately manage your sales performance and sales forecasts

Choosing the HubSpot Sales Hub gives you the ability to closely track your salespeople's activities (calls, meetings, etc.), your sales pipelines and your turnover by source or by team.

You'll receive detailed, 100% customized reports and dashboards which provide accurate and complete visibility on all your sales activities.

Automate your sales processes to improve your efficiency

Sales Hub allows you to automate a large portion of your time-consuming tasks, so you can concentrate on value-added activities.

HubSpot's Sales Hub allows you to take advantage of automated email sequences and workflows to automate lead attribution, task reminders and modification of properties based on predefined criteria.

Concentrate on leads with the highest potential

HubSpot allows you to rate your leads based on demographic or behavioral criteria. By accessing all interactions between you and your prospects and customers (marketing content, sales solicitations, etc.) within HubSpot CRM, you'll obtain important information regarding the maturity level of your prospects and customers and their interest in your products and services.

Sales Hub is used in conjunction with HubSpot CRM, which allows you to track the history of your customers' and prospects' relationships with your company. This data allows you to remove much of the friction in your sales processes.

By having the ability to identify the most mature prospects and approach them with the right messages at the right time and with the right tools, your sales team can increase sales.


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What are the main features of Sales Hub?

Engage in conversation with your prospects

Sales Hub gives your salespeople a set of tools for efficiently interacting with your customers through email templates, automated sequences, call recording and opened email tracking, etc.

Find all interactions with your customers in your CRM at any time and use templates to help you quickly start a relationship.

Encourage appointment setting

With features that include meeting links and live chats, you can enable your prospects to easily make appointments with your sales team.


The easier it is for your prospects to enter into a relationship with your business, the more opportunities you'll have to arrange meetings.

Automate your administrative tasks

The automations offered by Sales Hub allow you to schedule tasks and reminders for your salespeople.





No need to compile different sources of information. Your sales team has access to a centralized and personalized view of actions to be taken in the form of a queue, which allows them to complete this list of actions without having to leave the CRM interface.

Create custom reports

Sales Hub offers unlimited types of reports, including those which monitor your teams' activities, your opportunities, the evolution of your leads and your sales forecasts.

Analyzing the performance of your sales activities allows you to adopt a continuous improvement approach and make informed decisions.

Integrate all your third-party tools

HubSpot allows you to connect more than 800 applications natively or via a third-party tool, so your CRM can communicate with your prospecting tools, your ERP and your billing tool, etc.

Implement efficient business processes by connecting the HubSpot CRM to other tools you use every day. You'll end up with higher quality and more trustworthy data without having to make duplicate entries.

Generate quotes quickly

Configuring your product library within your HubSpot interface gives you the ability to generate quotes quickly based on the transactions created by your sales staff.

To take the customer experience a step further, you can connect your instance to your Stripe account to collect online payments and activate electronic signatures to make the process even easier.

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HubSpot Sales Hub features

How does Markentive help you harness the power of HubSpot?


Whether you're looking to implement Sales Hub or better leverage your existing software, Markentive supports you for the entire duration of your project.


CRM and Sales Enablement consulting

Before implementing your HubSpot solution, we'll help you outline your CRM strategy, including data modeling, governance, migration, sales processes and reporting If you're still deciding on which tool to implement, we can help you benchmark the various solutions available on the market.


Implementation of Sales Hub and the HubSpot CRM

We'll support you in the technical configuration of your instance as well as in the creation of your pipelines and reports to allow you to quickly realize the benefits of your CRM and its Sales Enablement tools.


Third-party integration and synchronization with CRM

We'll help you synchronize your CRM with your billing tool, prospecting tools, ERP and marketing automation software. We'll ensure that the data is reliable and usable on the part of your teams.



Our Sales Hub and HubSpot CRM training is led by HubSpot-certified experts. They allow you to quickly take advantage of all the tool's features in order to help you realize a return on your investment.

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What is the price of the Sales Hub?

The Sales Hub offers 3 subscription levels depending on the features and number of paid seats you need.

Sales Hub

2 paid seats included. 21€/month per additional user.

  • Simple automations
  • Follow-up emails/notifications
  • Email templates
  • Call Management/Logging
  • Live Chat
  • Meeting links
  • Email Scheduling
  • Transaction Pipeline
  • Sales rep productivity tracking
  • Task queues
starts at
41 €/month*
*without VAT

Sales Hub

5 paid seats included. 81€ /month per additional user.

  • Starter Pack Package
  • Automated sequences
  • Sales productivity tracking tools
  • Electronic Signature
  • Customized reports
  • Contact Scoring
  • Teams
  • Calculated properties
  • Forecasting tools
  • Sales Analytics
  • ABM Tools
  • Salesforce Integration

starts at
414 €/month*
*without VAT

Sales Hub

10 paid seats included. 110€/month per additional user.

  • Pro Pack Package
  • Custom objects
  • Hierarchical teams
  • Conversational Guides
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Recurring revenue tracking
  • Sandboxes
Starts at
1104 €/month*
*without VAT

All about the Sales Hub

Can the CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub be integrated with other tools?

Yes. The open environment of HubSpot allows you to connect your tool with more than 800 applications available in the HubSpot application marketplace

What are the steps in a CRM project?

Once you've chosen your HubSpot CRM subscription level, you'll need to outline your strategy (data modeling, governance, migration, sales processes and reporting) in order to configure your software to best meet your needs. Once the settings have been configured, we advise you to follow up on its adoption and set up a sales playbook. Finally, for optimal internal buy-in and utilization of HubSpot, we advise you to quickly train your teams.

Is it possible to configure HubSpot on your own?

CRM is a complex and highly-structured undertaking for any company. The HubSpot solution is recognized for its ease of use. However, the importance of outlining your strategy and setting up the instance to best suit your needs should not be underestimated. Markentive offers easy onboarding which allows you to take your first steps in a matter of weeks. However, if you need help setting and implementing your CRM strategy, we can help you with that from A to Z.

How does the HubSpot solution differ from other solutions on the market?

HubSpot is one of the leading CRM software platforms on the market. It's recognized for its easy implementation and ease of use, its diverse and varied features and its outstanding technical support. HubSpot also offers a marketing automation tool, a CMS and a customer service hub, so you can follow your customer's journey throughout its entire lifecycle and carry out personalized sales and marketing initiatives.

How much does the HubSpot solution cost?

The HubSpot CRM is free. However, to enjoy the full power of HubSpot's automated CRM, the HubSpot Sales Hub, you can choose between three types of plans (Starter, Professional or Enterprise) which allow you access to various features. While implementing a CRM requires human and financial resources, you can often quickly realize productivity improvements along with a return on your investment.