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An inbound marketing agency dedicated to your growth

Inbound marketing is ideal if your sector of activity requires evangelism and your prospects consume information on the Internet. By using levers such as SEO, content production, and lead nurturing, this approach seeks to transform your website visitors into prospects and loyal customers. In addition to improving your reputation and brand image, this method will make you visible to prospects during the search phase and less dependent on traditional paid acquisition tools (Google Ads and Social Ads).

Inbound Marketing
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Our inbound marketing offer is suitable for your organization if

  • Prospects know of your offer but are enticed by the content made available in the search engines by your competitors
  • You want to be visible to your prospects during the search phase
  • You want to evangelize and educate your market on your unique or innovative solution
  • You want to be less dependent on paid acquisition (Google Ads and Social Ads) and need new customer acquisition levers
  • You want to generate more leads and traditional channels (such as trade shows) are proving insufficient
  • You just redesigned your website (or plan to) and want to use it to increase your sales

Take advantage of the experience of a market leader for your inbound marketing project

An inbound marketing project is one of the pillars of our REBEL® approach. A variation of our BUILD offer dedicated to marketing automation, an inbound marketing project is complemented by a strong business component (understanding of targets, sales cycles, buyer personas, etc.) and an acquisition strategy in line with the inbound philosophy. Active since 2012, Markentive was one of the first market players to specialize in this approach and implement it at dozens of companies in all sectors of activity, both in France and abroad.

Trust us with your inbound marketing automation

Our offers to help you get started with inbound marketing

Two offers to help you attract new customers

"Start" offer to get started in inbound marketing

A simple and affordable offer to deploy an inbound marketing tool and empower your team with training and tools used on a daily basis by our team of experts.

Kick off + 3 workshops
  • Framework documents
  • Implementation plan
  • Technical configuration
  • Creation of email and landing page templates
  • 1 day of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management
  • Inbound Deployment Toolkit

3 hours of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
9 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 2 weeks

"Start" offer including a comprehensive approach

Beyond equipping you and training you in the use of an inbound marketing tool, this offer gives you the keys to bringing your prospects to you through acquisition levers.

Kick off + 5 workshops
  • All of the "SETUP" offer
  • Review of conversion use cases
    Review of personas and customer journeys (prepared by the customer)
  • Identification of high-priority content (business focus)
  • Identification of high-priority content (business focus)
  • Creation of high-priority acquisition campaigns (campaign planner)
  • Creation of high-priority nurturing scenarios (awareness / consideration / decision)

1 day of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
22 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 weeks

"Advanced" offer for ambitious projects

This offer is an approach that includes all the business, technical and operational components to make your inbound marketing project a success, with a strong advisory dimension.

Kick off + 6 workshops
  • All of the "START" offer
  • Creation of personas
  • Creation and optimization of the customer journey
  • SEO audit of the competition
  • SEO audit of existing content and positioning opportunities
  • Technical SEO audit of the website
  • Content creation plan

2 days of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
30 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 to 8 weeks

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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Inbound marketing by Markentive

What is inbound marketing?

The term "inbound marketing" was first used in 2006 by the founders of HubSpot (American software publisher). Inbound marketing is based on a content creation strategy that allows you to attract visitors to your website and blog with the goal of converting them into leads and then into customers (this usually involves techniques such as marketing automation, lead nurturing, social media, and blogging). The approach is described in 4 steps (Attract - Convert - Close - Delight) and is a non-intrusive way to acquire new customers.

What are the advantages of inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing has many advantages. It is usually less dependent on paid acquisition (ads, AdWords, etc.) than traditional levers and allows you to benefit from the power of SEO to make your offer visible. Based on the creation of powerful content, the inbound marketing method is perfect for markets that require evangelism marketing. By opting for inbound marketing, companies tend to improve their reputation and their understanding of their customers and prospects by becoming more interested in their problems (pain points).

Is inbound marketing different than traditional marketing?

In theory, it is often said that inbound marketing consists of letting your customers come to you while traditional marketing involves actively seeking out your targets. In practice, the two approaches complement each other nicely and can be used together to great effect!

If we opt for inbound marketing, will we have to use a marketing automation tool and redesign our website?

To succeed with inbound marketing, your website must be optimized for the search engines, include a blog, and clearly and effectively interact with your prospects and customers. While it may not be necessary to revamp your website completely (a few adjustments and optimizations may suffice), you will need an optimized web platform, and if possible, a marketing automation tool to pilot your landing pages, emails, and dashboards. Please feel free to contact our team of experts for more information.

Why should we choose Markentive for our inbound marketing project?

Markentive is a pioneer in the field of inbound marketing and has helped more than 100 companies to adopt this methodology. Backed by our REBEL® approach, we have a firm understanding of how inbound marketing can effectively complement more traditional levers and growth techniques. Made up of consultants, acquisition experts (SEO or Ads), and content and marketing automation specialists, our team develops comprehensive solutions that can help boost your company's growth. If you already have a marketing automation tool (or some other element), please feel free to contact us to benefit from a personalized consulting offer.