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CRM integration & sales enablement

A CRM system can do wonders for the structure of a company. When implemented properly, this tool all but ensures your commercial success by providing you with access to all kinds of individual or collective performance indicators, as well as to critical information that facilitates business forecasting and contributes to your continual improvement process. CRM is also the key to accessing data on customers and prospects, making it a precious asset for companies looking to carry out targeted and personalized sales & marketing initiatives. Provided, of course, that the data on standard or custom objects is well organized and your sales reps are adept at using it!

CRM Integration
Build Grafiti

Our CRM integration offer
is suitable for your company if

  • The scope of your project is simple but your team does not have the required bandwidth or enough experience using a CRM tool
  • The scope is complex and you need help managing the project and starting your revolution
  • Your IT environment requires custom API integrations
  • You want your CRM to quickly become profitable by maximizing its adoption and use by your sales reps
  • You need a project management consultant to plan your project and meet your deadlines
  • You want a smart CRM that is connected to the mailboxes and calendars of your teams so you can set up meetings with prospects

The best of consulting and integration to set up your CRM Software

Leaders in the digital transformation of sales & marketing, Markentive has made its CRM offer a pillar of change for ambitious companies. In order to ensure your CRM tool is easy to use and compatible with all your sales processes, we developed a comprehensive approach that includes the drawing up of specifications, the integration of the tool, and the training of your teams. This is the very essence of our REBEL® approach! The offer is an excellent starting point for revolutionizing your sales approach and building a sustainable, growth-driven technical ecosystem.

Trust us with your CRM project

Our CRM offers

Three offers to revolutionize your sales system

"Set-up" offer for a quick configuration

This offer lets you analyze performance and trigger marketing actions by making your team autonomous in their daily tasks.

Kick off + 2 workshops
  • Data model of standard objects (companies, contacts, opportunities)
  • Implementation plan
  • Definition of one or two pipelines
  • Customization of account, contact and opportunity records
  • Creation of a performance monitoring dashboard
  • Integration of mailboxes and calendars
  • Technical configuration
  • Data import support
  • 1/2 day of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management

3 hours of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
7 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 weeks

"Start" offer including a comprehensive approach

Beyond setting up a CRM software and empowering your teams, we formalize your business strategy. Put the power of automation at the service of your sales!

Kick off + 4 workshops
  • All of the "SETUP" offer
  • Review of high-priority sales use cases
  • Review of high-priority automations (tasks, pipelines, notifications, etc.)
  • Creation of sales productivity monitoring dashboard
  • Best practices and high-priority sales enablement or automation actions + guidelines & usage reports (meeting links, sequences ...)
  • 2  half-days of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management

1 day of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
15 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 weeks

"Advanced" offer for ambitious projects

To put CRM at the service of your growth in a complex environment, this offer aims to optimize your business strategy. A tailor-made tool tailored for your teams!

Kick off + 6 Workshops
  • All of the "START" offer
  • Understanding and implementation of the commercial strategy (OKR)
  • Modeling and optimization of sales processes
  • Logic of the business analysis routine
  • Project outline and data model of standard objects (accounts, contacts, opportunities, products)
  • Creation of an adoption monitoring dashboard
  • Commercial playbook
  • Multi-team / multi-role governance
  • 3 half-days of personalized training
  • Project/framework/timeline management


2 days of support valid for 3 months

Starting at
25 000 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 to 8 weeks

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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CRM by Markentive

Are there any pitfalls to avoid when setting up our CRM?

The worst thing that can happen to your CRM is that your sales team refuses to use it! The adoption of the tool is therefore a key factor in the success of the project, as is the change management at your company. In addition to standardizing processes and facilitating the user experience, CRM is the key to understanding your customers and accessing their data. Special attention must therefore be paid to the model and segmentation that are selected.

Which CRM should we choose? How much will it cost?

There are dozens of CRM systems on the market with different philosophies and features. If your needs are complex, carry out a benchmark and a feasibility study to identify the best solution for your company. Most publishers offers will be adapted depending on your needs and expectations of the platform.

Which CRMs does Markentive support?

Markentive uses several CRMs and can also count on some big-name partners to complete its offer. We are proficient in tools such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. Our consultants are also experts in HubSpot solutions. Markentive was named an Elite HubSpot partner, the highest possible distinction awarded to only a dozen companies worldwide.

Why should we choose Markentive for our CRM project?

Our team of 20 consultants is experienced in implementing CRM projects, integrating CRM with third-party software via API, and conducting personalized training sessions (OPCO financing available in France).