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Entrust us with your CRM strategy and deployment on HubSpot!

Deploying a CRM is a vital project for a company. A real pillar for your commercial success, the CRM allows you to anticipate, measure and analyze your collective or individual performance and improve the productivity of your teams thanks to Sales Enablement tools.


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Give your teams the tools to improve their productivity and business efficiency. We help you capitalize on all the features of your CRM, fully exploit the power of automation and connect your CRM to your phone system, invoicing and prospecting tools so that your teams can focus on the important things: generate sales.

We also help you to redesign your business processes and adopt an Inbound strategy to create lasting and qualitative relationships with your prospects.

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A robust CRM strategy to support your growth...

We help you ask yourself the right questions to structure your CRM project and ensure good adoption. We support you with defining your data model, governance, modeling your business processes, building your reports, migrating your data and your integration needs.

Our goal? Setup your CRM according to your needs and create a scalable ecosystem, which you can develop with your growth ambitions autonomously.

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Here's how we define your strategy and

deploy your CRM software tool


Markentive has developed a unique and complete methodology called REBEL to support you throughout your CRM project:
from strategic framing to implementation, including training your teams to make them autonomous.


Scope of project

  • Analysis of your technical environment
  • Definition of your goals
  • Migration needs assessment


Strategy definition

  • Writing your specifications
  • Definition of the project timeline
  • Lay out the business processes


Deployment plan

  • Governance
  • Data model
  • Sales pipelines
  • Reporting
  • Adoption


CRM implementation

  • Tool setup
  • User creation
  • Sales pipeline creation
  • Lead scoring
  • Data migration


Integrations with the CRM

  • Connection of your CRM to your third-party tools (invoicing, ERP, marketing automation)
  • Creation of tailor-made integrations via API



  • Creation of a tailor-made training plan
  • Creation of supports for your users
  • Q&A sessions with CRM experts

An example of the Rebel approach : take a look at the Haute Route use case

Thanks to the REBEL methodology, Haute Route could set up an efficient sales & marketing system on HubSpot in just 30 days.

Read the case study

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Accelerate your business' growth with HubSpot CRM


Markentive can support you in setting up various CRMs. However, as an Elite HubSpot partner, we support many customers on the HubSpot CRM, which is our favorite solution for several reasons:

bullet  The CRM is part of a complete ecosystem: CRM, Sales Enablement, Marketing Automation tools, Service, CMS. All these tools contribute to a better leads and opportunities management and greater alignment between marketing and sales teams.

bullet  In addition to allowing precise management of your sales performance and your sales forecasts, it allows you to automate your sales processes and your time-consuming tasks to increase efficiency.



Quickly capitalize on your CRM thanks to good adoption


The HubSpot CRM offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface so that all your collaborators can use and make the platform evolve quickly.

To ensure good adoption of your tool and a better return on investment, Markentive supports you in driving change and helps you maximize adoption through training, user guides and adoption monitoring dashboards.

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With our experts stop doing
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CRM & Sales enablement according to Markentive

What are the mistakes to avoid when setting up a CRM?

The worst that can happen to your CRM project is that the sales people don't use it! Adoption is therefore a key aspect of the success of these projects, as is change management.

Beyond engaging users and standardizing use, it is good to remember that CRM is the heart of customer knowledge and data and that special attention must be paid to the model and segmentation used.

What CRM to choose? At what cost?

There are dozens of CRMs on the market, and each has its own philosophy. If your needs are complex, perform a benchmark and feasibility study to identify the best solution for your business.

Most vendors offer off-the-shelf pricing, tailored to your business needs.

What are the CRMs supported by Markentive?

Markentive supports its customers on several CRMs and has also leaned on some serious partners to complete its offer. We can therefore advise you on tools such as Zoho, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

The Markentive consultants are also particularly experienced in HubSpot solutions: we are an Elite certified partner, the highest level available which distinguishes a dozen companies in the world.

Why entrust your CRM project to Markentive?

Our team includes 20 consultants experienced in the implementation of CRM projects, their integration with third-party technologies via API or the implementation of personalized training actions (OPCO financing possible and Qualiopi certified).