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Sales Ops support

The digitalization of sales is a major challenge for many companies when they need to prospect, generate effective conversations, close deals or retain their customers.

This is why the implementation and continuous management of a CRM are key success factors. It is therefore important to ensure that the data, the automations, the reports are up to date, that the data remains qualitative and usable over the long term and that your tool is widely adopted by your sales teams.

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Sales operations

Set up a CRM that evolves with your needs


Have you been using a CRM for several months or years and your internal organization, your goals or your positioning have changed?

As you use your CRM, you find it difficult to precisely monitor your individual and collective commercial performance, to manage your turnover and to identify your source of opportunities?

Markentive's REBEL ® methodology will help you to overhaul your processes and the setup of your CRM (data model, governance, pipelines, reporting, migration of your data) in order to allow you to be in phase with your new business needs.


Track adoption for a precise management of your performance


A good setup of your CRM is not enough For you to achieve your goals. Your CRM software must be adopted and used by your sales teams, according to previously defined standards, to help you build a qualitative and usable database and reliable reports to manage your individual and collective performance.

Training, playbooks, adoption monitoring reports, our team of expert consultants in Sales Operations will give you all the keys to setting up effective business processes and facilitating the onboarding of your new employees.


Integrations and synchronizations: a streamlined ecosystem


It's crucial that your CRM is the backbone of your technical ecosystem and that it communicates with your main business tools to help you improve data quality and efficiency.

However, it is not uncommon to see more complexity than necessary in the synchronizations in place, which in the long term can pollute the data in your CRM. We help you ask yourself the right questions to streamline your synchronizations and obtain reliable and usable data.


A RevOps leader
to help you streamline your business processes


Thanks to our unique REBEL methodology, we help you optimize your CRM and make it constantly evolve while guaranteeing good adoption by your employees.


Scope of project

  • Analysis of your technical ecosystem
  • Listing your main challenges
  • Definition of your goals


Priorisation & roadmap

  • Definition of your priorities
  • Validation of the project timeline
  • Analysis of your sales processes


Strategy and production

  • Workshops
  • Action planning
  • Implementation of the different runs
  • Analysis and deployment of the next actions


Adoption / change management

  • Change management
  • Adoption support
  • Playbook
  • Training sessions
  • Production of deliverables

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Sales Ops Support according to Markentive

What are the key success factors of an effective CRM?

A CRM contains all of your customer and prospect data (at least it should!). As such, it is important to properly organize the modeling of the data on the main objects (contacts, accounts, opportunities) so that the reports are effective and so that you can also easily manage attribution, prospecting, and also correctly target your marketing campaigns.

An up-to-date CRM also requires good adoption and change management, generally facilitated by the implementation of sales enablement initiatives and at least by a monitoring process.

What results can we expect from Sales Ops support by Markentive?

This will of course depend on your starting point. Our goal is to put you in a position where you have access to qualitative and usable data (in line with your business needs) and dashboards that will allow you to manage your business activity precisely.

We help you streamline your business processes, to configure your tool as accurately as possible. We are thus improving the experience and training of users to guarantee good adoption of the tool and better commercial productivity.

On which CRM software can I get support from Markentive?

Markentive can support clients on different technologies such as Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, but we have unique and particularly strong expertise on HubSpot.

Do not hesitate to discuss it with us!

Quel est le profil des consultants Markentive ?

Les consultants Markentive ont généralement entre 3 & 10 ans d'expérience et ont activement participé à la réalisation de campagnes marketing ou au déploiement de projets IT comme la mise en place d'outils CRM, Marketing automation, ou encore le déploiement de sites internet. Leurs recommandations sont ainsi issues d'années d'expérience terrain auprès de décideurs.

What is the profile of Markentive consultants?

Markentive consultants generally have between 3 & 10 years of experience and have actively participated in the realization of marketing campaigns or the deployment of IT projects such as the implementation of CRM tools, Marketing automation, or the deployment of websites. Their recommendations are therefore the result of years of field experience with decision-makers.

Why choose Markentive for Sales Ops support?

Markentive's know-how is based on a triple consulting - agency - integrator positioning which gives us a holistic view of customer data and marketing & sales applications.

Our consultants are trained in lead generation and the challenges of prospecting to offer you a CRM that helps the salespeople instead of being a constraint.

Given the overall investment you makein your sales team (salaries, tools, costs...), ensuring that you maximize the effort and productivity of the teams is essential!

Markentive is also one of the first 10 agencies in the world to obtain the HubSpot Sales Enterprise Advanced Implementation certification, with more than 50 clients supported on these subjects in France and abroad.