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Growth and digital transformation consulting

Although consulting is an implicit part of our Build and Execute offers, Markentive also offers specific consulting services to address the interpersonal, technical, and organizational problems related to growth. Experts in subjects such as CRM, marketing automation, and inbound marketing, we create a framework for implementing an effective digital strategy in a complex environment or an international context.


The Markentive consulting offer
is suitable for your organization if

  • You have questions on how to set up marketing automation or a CRM system
  • Your growth is stagnating or you have much room for development
  • Your organization uses lots of different software and this leads to confusion
  • You want to create a structured and efficient SEO and/or SEA acquisition strategy
  • You want to make your international marketing methods and/or tools more scalable
  • You want to streamline the technical and team-related investments in your sales & marketing system
  • You have any growth-related problem that needs an outside perspective

Three areas of expertise for an effective consulting

Markentive uses its three areas of expertise agency - consulting - integration to provide you with a concrete and feasible consulting offer. Our consultants are backed by years of practical experience in the implementation of digital marketing campaigns and the deployment of digital tools. By opting for Markentive, you'll be sure your recommendations see the light of day in the form of functional deliverables such as user guides and playbooks. This is precisely what makes REBEL® so powerful and unique.

Trust us with your digital needs

Our digital consulting offers

Choose the offer that best meets your needs

Basic consulting offer

A simple and affordable consulting offer for a general issue that is commonly treated by Markentive (contact us for more information).

  • Kickoff
  • 2 to 3 introductory workshops
  • Deliverables & rendition
  • Project/framework/timeline management
Starting at
7 500 euros (excl VAT)*
over 2 weeks

Complex consulting offer

A personalized consulting offer for a digital issue in a complex organization and/or an international context.

  • Kickoff
  • Creation of workshops
  • Preparation of questionnaires
  • Workshops
  • Deliverables & rendition
  • Facilitation and initiation of the change
  • Project/framework/timeline management
Starting at
12 500 euros (excl VAT)*
*over 4 weeks

With our experts, stop doing
, do

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Consulting by Markentive

What is the profile of a typical Markentive consultant?

In general, Markentive consultants have 3-10 years of experience and have actively participated in the creation of marketing campaigns and IT projects involving, among other things, the implementation of CRM tools, marketing automation, and the launching of websites. Their recommendations are also based on years of experience in the field with managers.

Can we benefit from your consulting regardless of the software we use?

Markentive works with most software systems, whether they are customized or based on standard market technologies. Here is some of the software we frequently encounter while working with our customers: Salesforce, SAP, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho.

Which languages do you speak and which regions do you cover?

Markentive has worked with more than 250 customers across Europe and the United States. In general, English and French (and sometimes Spanish) are used for deliverables and the facilitation of workshops.

Is consulting included in the Build and Execute offers?

Most Build offers include tactical consulting on the framework and documentation required to implement marketing automation or a tool such as CRM. Execute offers are also backed by analysis and a continual improvement process to ensure they remain effective over time. Our consulting offer is reserved for the issues that arise before the implementation of a tool and which are not directly related to the execution of campaigns. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What makes Markentive digital consulting unique?

Markentive digital consulting is based on a comprehensive growth-driven approach called REBEL®. We take great care to ensure our recommendations are feasible, and upon request, can help with their implementation to save you time.