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We are much more than a digital marketing agency

Both a consulting firm, a digital agency and an integrator, our ambition is to provide a complete solution dedicated to the growth of ambitious companies and their teams

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At Markentive, we witnessed the emergence of concepts such as inbound marketing, marketing automation, and growth. We've also seen how the digital transformation of companies is driven by fads, smokescreens, and the endless search for the ultimate business Holy Grail or hack.

Tired of the empty promises and ever more conscious of the challenges facing companies in search of concrete ways to achieve long-term growth, we decided to come up with an approach that was practical, comprehensive, and sustainable.

Designed as a radical solution, our approach does away with inevitability, stagnation, division, and sterile investments. It is not specific to any one channel, tool, or sector of activity, nor based on a short-lived idea.

Backed by our expertise, it's a global approach and a unique way to consider processes, the use of technology, and the management of resources and priorities.

We named this revolution REBEL® (RE-solve, B-uild, E-xecute, Learn). It invites you to think outside the box to spearhead the growth of your company and continue on the path of success.

The experts at Markentive

First and foremost, Markentive is a team

Composed of consultants, developers, and designers marked by their wealth of experience and enthusiasm for new ideas.

At Markentive, we strive to help you increase your growth, autonomy, and skills.

We specialize in inbound marketing and marketing automation and look forward to becoming an effective part of your team.

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What they think of the Team

Very professional support

Markentive supported us in the implementation of the Hubspot CRM on 2 of our digital activities. The team is a great help given the complex development environments in which these projects take place. Their professionalism was noticed by all the contributors to the projects. I highly recommend.

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Iskander Daagi, Digital Deputy Manager

Groupe La Française

Knowledgeable team of experts in tech and business

It was a pleasure to work with Markentive during these past months. They have a team of experts who are able to find solutions and make the right recommendations to address and solve any business use case or problem.


Purnima Ravi


Professional, Reactive & Dynamic

Markentive agency provide relevant assistance and give very useful & essential advice regarding digital strategy (marketing automation through HubSpot, CRM Salesforce). A very reactive & dynamic Team! We are working together with a great partner relationship.

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Pierre-Charles Thomin

Adama France

A great team of professionals

Markentive has a team of professionals who know very well HubSpot and all its tools. It is a pleasure to work with them.


Simon David MBIIM, Digital Marketing Specialist


What they think of our methodology

Excellent project management!

Markentive's marketing, web, SEO, content and UX / UI expertise, combined with the quality of their project management, have enabled us to set up an effective Inbound Marketing strategy which translates into judicious marketing and sales actions. The first results observed clearly show that our commercial development is in a growth phase. I highly recommend this agency!


Julien Baudenaille


Efficient and pragmatic

Markentive is an agile agency with high expertise and very pragmatic. They are able to challenge your views, to offer solutions, to think out of the box. Their capabilities to listen and to deliver is quite outstanding.

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Estelle Rozine Assaf

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School

Great project management

Markentive had very well scoped and understood our needs. They met our expectations in terms of UX and Design, totally in line with our brief. We now have a corporate website aligned with our strategy, messaging and demand generation objectives. Glad to leverage HubSpot without too many custom development, maximize the out of the box capacities of our CMS. The website is super user-friendly and our team loves it.


Sorayah Banomyong


Digitization technologies according to Markentive

More than 50 digital technologies are used daily by our Markentive experts

Whether it's building a strong technical base around tools such as CRM, marketing automation and the website or deploying scrapping or landing page tools in a few hours, our full stack consultants and developers will be there.

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We are
« HubSpot Elite Partners »

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What they think of our technical skills

Development of tourist appointments agenda

Markentive was able to take charge of the realization of an advanced tailor-made project including beautiful technical challenges. The team was responsive and committed both to the overall management of the project and to interactions related to the technical scope.

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Cassandra Vermeulen

Comité Régional Tourisme Congres Haut de France


Markentive is an outstanding agency. They are not afraid of technical challenges and they made both tailored and complex HubSpot modules in a short period. It's a pleasure to work with Markentive and I highly recommend them to other companies.


Nicolas Runtz, Web Marketing Senior Manager


Objectifs atteints

Markentive allowed us to set up an effective inbound strategy, in two different areas, with a single license. It was complex but they succeeded in guiding us, by being very reactive (slack, mails), with expert skills including on the technical aspects (API).


Antoine Delorme, Senior PM


Reforest Action - We are Committed

Our commitments for sustainable growth

Markentive supports the Reforest Action project to cancel all carbon emissions linked to the functioning of its organization. We also offer our customers to participate in this environmental project when purchasing services.

Learn more about Reforest Action

Come see us!

Remote working is great (but not every day).

Meet the Markentive teams in Paris or in Bordeaux for a meeting, a workshop, training or a coffee!

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Team Markentive

FAQ - Learn more about Markentive

What kind of clients does Markentive work for?

Markentive exists since 2012 and our experts have supported more than 250 clients from all sectors and all sizes in France but also in Europe and the United States.

What is the budget for working with Markentive?

Markentive offers services from 7,500 euros excluding tax on simple perimeters to launch your growth process. However, most of our customers will invest annually between 50 and 150 K euros HT.

Do we have to use HubSpot to work with Markentive?

No. Even though Markentive is one of the largest HubSpot partners in the world, Markentive experts practice more than 50 tools on a daily basis and can support you in a variety of technological environments adapted to your needs.

Why choose Markentive (work WITH us)?

Markentive is a robust and demanding organization with regard to the quality of the teams, processes and technologies offered. For more responsiveness and excellence, almost all of our assignments are carried out internally with an experienced and continuously trained team. In a dynamic environment, we offer our customers the fruit of almost 10 years of continuous improvement with the ambition of offering the best market offer dedicated to growth as a whole. Do not hesitate to exchange with our consultants and discover our signature approach, the REBEL (R) approach.

Why choose Markentive (work FOR us)?

We wanted to make Markentive a demanding, professional and ambitious environment. With us, you will learn a lot (from the best) and you will have development prospects and excellent working conditions. Do not hesitate to contact our teams to discuss.