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Growth Marketing Agency - Let's talk about your growth!

We have developed our own methodology to make your growth ambitions a reality. As your growth is not a temporary goal, our actions are made to last, made to improve your marketing and sales KPIs on the long run. Our team of Growth marketers has all the skills necessary to advise, implement, test and analyze the best experiences. We give ourselves a month to convince you about the methodology, and 3 months to convince you with numbers!


Our growth marketing offer is suitable for your organization if:

  • You want to achieve your marketing objectives at each stage of your sales cycle and your AARRR funnel
  • You need to optimize your actions and boost your digital acquisition strategy
  • You need to get data on your personas, your main segments and verticals in order to identify the best activation strategies
  • You want to quickly identify actions to retain and develop customer loyalty (and secure your business)
  • You have ambitious lead generation goals and need to feed your SDRs & sales reps quickly with qualified prospects
  • You do not have the resources and / or the time to internalize your growth marketing actions and optimize your tools stack

AARRRctivate your growth

Test, measure & optimize. Here's what our growth marketers do for our customers on a daily basis. We have developed our own experience base to optimize all your AARRR Funnel steps (Acquisition, Activation, Refferal, Retention, Revenue). We identify which lever will have the greatest business impact for you, and then our consultants do what they do best: they experiment!

Concretely? Social Ads, Google Ads, Scrapping, Data Enrichment, A/B testing, dynamic and personalized content, Videos, automated emails, ... We use all the techniques that the digital world offers us to improve the KPI that you have set us as a goal.

And don't worry, we have also developed our own tracking tool, so you won't be lost in all these tests, and neither will we!

Trust us with your Growth project

Our Growth Marketing offers

Two options to start growing with us

Growth "Launch"

Our offer to get started, we ensure the requirements, the understanding of your business issues, give the direction and the anatomy of the first month of growth marketing actions in order to maximize our chances of success from the beginning.

Kick Off + 2 workshops
  • Review of the admission file (requirements before launching the actions)
  • The important meeting (definition of the AARRR funnel and KPIs to follow)
  • The suggestion box (definition and prioritization of future experiments)
  • The factory (2 iterations, 3 to 4 experiments)
  • The inspection department (analysis of the results and what's next)
Starting at
7 500 euros (excl. taxes)*
*for 1.5 months

Growth "Next"

Following the "Launch" offer, and in order to have a significant impact on the KPIs previously identified, we run iterations for 3 months to identify and develop the actions that will have the greatest impact on your business.

2 workshops per month
  • The suggestion box (definition and prioritization of future experiments)
  • The factory (2 iterations, 3 to 4 experiments per month)
  • The inspection department (analysis of the results and what's next).
Starting at
5 000 euros (excl. taxes)*
*per month

With our experts, stop doing
, do

Please contact one of our growth experts or send us a request for a proposal

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Growth by Markentive

How do I get into growth marketing?

There are some requirements to be prepared. Here's an article that will help guide you through them. Need help? Don't panic, let yourself be tempted by our Start Growth offer. You will learn with us the methodology, the state of mind and the structure of the experiences. After a while, you will be able to do it on your own!

Do you have to be a hacker to do Growth marketing?

You can be a pirate and do Growth but there is no obligation. You have to be creative, curious, versatile and open-minded. Always rely on data analytics, not be afraid to test, correct, improve... and start again.

B2B vs B2C: does the growth methodology work for everyone?

The levers will be different, the experiences will be different, the volumes of data will be different, but the methodology remains the same. There is no truth in growth marketing, except the methodology!

I have not detailed my product market fit or buyer persona. How can I do this?

We have our templates at your disposal, and a growth strategist is also present to advise you on the methodology to be adopted to complete these documents. We take advantage of this FAQ to insist on the fact that these two elements are extremely important, before you start experimenting! You don't go on a trip until you know where you're going, that's the same thing.

What are the tools of a growth marketer?

You've probably already heard of Hotjar, Google Analytics, Phantombuster, Zapier, IFTTT, HubSpot, Slack, Linkedin, Pixel Facebook, Answer the public, Lemlist, etc... There are all kinds of tools on the web, from the easiest to the most complicated, to make your experiments a success. But before we talk about tools, let's talk about goals. What do you want to optimize? How do you want to do it? Depending on the answers to these questions, our growth marketers will recommend the most suitable tools and help you implement them. We have documented our own toolbox and feed it every week.