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Textmaster: implementing HubSpot Marketing and synchronizing with Salesforce

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A word from Textmaster

Markentive was extremely attentive to our needs and well aware of the challenges faced by our sales and marketing departments. Our HubSpot onboarding went smoothly and we were able to quickly get a hang of the software and obtain optimal results just a few weeks after setting up and syncing the software with Salesforce

Ludivine Chotard, Marketing Manager, TextMaster

About Textmaster

Industry :

Translation, Copywriting

Founded in :


Number of employees :

50 - 200

Websites :

Deliverables :

Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation
textmaster - objectives and challenges

Objectives and challenges

TextMaster wanted to implement an inbound marketing strategy and integrate the marketing automation software HubSpot.

  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Align marketing and sales
  • Manage the data transition and import from one marketing automation tool (Pardot) to another (HubSpot)
  • Synchronize HubSpot Marketing with Salesforce
  • Train the teams in the use of HubSpot Marketing

The solutions we provided

Textmaster - solutions
Markentive helped TextMaster set up and configure HubSpot Marketing and sync it with Salesforce.
  • Creation of an inbound marketing strategy
  • Configuration of HubSpot Marketing
  • Synchronization of HubSpot Marketing with Salesforce to send leads generated by the marketing team to the sales teams
  • Implementation of inbound marketing campaigns
  • HubSpot Marketing training

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