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Improving the acquisition and qualification of leads in Europe and the USA with HubSpot



Deals created between December 2022 and June 2023

3 months

to define and implement new processes with HubSpot


custom object to track Sunrise sensor activation

Excellent support

We were lucky enough to be supported by Céline, who was able to help us define and challenge our Marketing & Sales processes so that we could integrate HubSpot as closely as possible to our needs within a very tight timescale. We wouldn't hesitate to call on them again!

Fabien Crespo, Director of Business Development and Growth 

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Markentive Solutions

CRM & Sales Enablement Marketing Automation
Sunrise project challenges

Goals and challenges 

Sunrise is a Belgian company that develops and markets a device to help diagnose sleep apnea, targeting healthcare professionals. 

At the start of our collaboration, Sunrise wanted to implement HubSpot Sales and Marketing to migrate its marketing activities (previously on Zoho) and set up a process for tracking opportunities, in particular through the creation of a sales pipeline.

The aim of this project was to prepare for the commercial launch in the United States and to help the teams achieve their commercial objectives by generating qualified leads in the European and North American markets  while improving the efficiency of the teams in processing transactions.

HubSpot was chosen because it enabled teams and processes to be aligned around a single tool.

 The project had a number of objectives: 

  • To centralise existing data (initially stored in various tools and in Excel) in a single CRM system
  • Define a data model based on the company's needs, with a maximum number of standardised fields to facilitate reporting  
  • Configure HubSpot tools as closely as possible to their team's needs 
  • Structure business processes
  • Streamline exchanges between the Marketing and Sales teams (facilitate the transmission of qualified leads / leads to be nurtured)
  • Automate time-consuming tasks to improve quality and productivity
  • Help management gain visibility in terms of sales forecasts
  • Generate qualified leads in an ecosystem that makes it easy to monitor performance and forecast results

The solutions provided by Markentive

les solutions pour Sunrise
  • Organisation of workshops to understand the current use cases and define new processes to :
    - improve collaboration between the SDR and sales teams. 
    - propose new scenarios to encourage synergies between Marketing and Sales (identification of hot leads / nurturing of immature leads). 

  • Creation of a custom object fed by API to track the activation of products sold and link them to the corresponding transactions.
  • Creation of a unique pipeline for the SDR and sales teams, with automated tasks to ensure smooth lead transmission and overall tracking of contacts (from identification of the opportunity to conversion into a customer).
  • Automated assignment and qualification of incoming leads 
  • Creation of 3 dashboards (sales, marketing and data quality) to improve performance monitoring 
  • Implementation of sales productivity tools : 
    - snippets to qualify incoming leads more easily,
    - tasks to ensure that mandatory administrative information is entered
    - automated reminders to identify upsell and renewal opportunities in the existing customer base
Résultats Sunrise

The Results

More than 25%

conversion rate on landing pages designed for the US market

170+ deals

created in Europe and in the USA between December 2022 and June 2023

40 000+

qualified and usable contacts


of marketing and sales teams trained and autonomous on HubSpot


dashboards created to monitor marketing and sales performance and data quality

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