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A word from SCOP3


We sought the expertise of a HubSpot-certified agency to assist us in building our corporate website. The project was executed flawlessly: we collaborated on establishing a clear tree structure and solution pages to enhance user understanding of our offerings, developed customized modules tailored to our specific requirements, conducted thorough semantic and competitive audits to formulate our SEO strategy, and integrated lead capture functionalities. The Markentive team's expertise, availability, and prompt responsiveness played a pivotal role in making this project a resounding success


Sophie Scantamburlo-Contreras, Co-fonder of SCOP3

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Goals and challenges

SCOP3 is a purpose-driven company dedicated to promoting ecological and socially responsible transformation within organizations through the reuse of professional furniture. They operate a marketplace that help professionals equip their workspaces with second-hand furniture.

In order to amplify the visibility of their offerings and promote eco-responsible practices among companies, Scop3 embarked on the creation of an institutional website alongside their existing marketplace. This website aimed to achieve multiple objectives:

  • Enhance the perception of second-hand goods in corporate settings and foster a better understanding of Scop3's offerings.
  • Optimize their organic search visibility and increase their presence on search engines.
  • Establish a blog platform to regularly publish relevant content on key topics aligned with the company's mission.
  • Empower the marketing teams with user-friendly tools to autonomously manage the corporate site and branding activities.
  • Drive maximum traffic to the marketplace to generate new opportunities.
  • Generate more leads by leveraging lead-capture tools such as forms and CTAs, which can be independently managed by the marketing team.
Having previously collaborated with Markentive and leveraged the HubSpot solution, the Scop3 teams entrusted us with the development of this new corporate website on the HubSpot CMS.

The solutions provided by Markentive

solutions case study scop 3 webdesign
  • Creation of a corporate website harmonized with the marketplace from a graphic charter point of view
  • Proposal of a tree structure and creation of solution pages to clarify the offer for users and position the site on relevant, transactional keywords.
  • Creation of 14 page templates to meet the needs of marketing teams 
  • Creation of customized modules according to the needs of the marketing team
  • Creation of landing pages to promote offers and resources and encourage conversion  
  • Semantic and competitive audit to develop the company's long-term SEO strategy
  • Creation of a blog to publish regular content, improve SEO, drive traffic and generate opportunities.
  • Use of lead capture functionalities (CTAs, forms) at strategic points on each page to redirect maximum traffic to the marketplace.
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The results


Monthly sessions on the corporate website

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contacts requests vs previous 6 months


new corporate website


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