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Reachfive: design and integration of its new website under HubSpot COS

case studies


increase in website visits from December 2019 to February 2020


increase in new contacts generated over the same period


of the marketing team trained in the HubSpot CMS

A word from Reachfive

The quality of the consulting was fantastic. Markentive introduced us to several best practices that we now use to achieve our goals. I was amazed by the amount of detail that went into designing the user experience. Our website is intuitive, easy to navigate, and optimized in accordance with the needs of our personas. If you want to stand out and keep growing, then having a partner like Markentive is a must.

Sorayah Banomyong, Chief Marketing Officer, ReachFive

About Reachfive

Industry :

Customer Identity and Access Management CIAM, SaaS software editor

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Website & Webdesign Inbound Marketing
Reachfive - Objectives and challenges

Objectives and challenges

Before using the HubSpot COS, the ReachFive website was developed internally. The company's marketing team was not autonomous as its site could not be modified without the help of a developer.

As the company grew, it became increasingly difficult to generate leads. Sorayah Banomyong, ReachFive's Chief Marketing Officer, decided it was time for a new solution: an easy-to-use CMS requiring no knowledge of HTML/CSS, designed with drag & drop templates and a variety of features that could be aligned with an ABM style B2B marketing approach and upgraded to handle international development with a multi-country website.

The objective was threefold:

  • Choose a CMS to make marketing autonomous.
  • Find a system that could centralize the tools used by the marketing team. ReachFive was using Mailchimp for emails but wanted a more advanced marketing automation solution.
  • This solution was to be integrated with their Salesforce CRM system.

ReachFive eventually realized they would need more than just a simple CMS, and that's when they turned their attention to HubSpot. In April 2019, ReachFive purchased CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Professional.

The solutions we provided

Reachfive - solutions

ReachFive asked Markentive to do the UX/UI design for the new site, integrate the site with HubSpot, and help them plan and manage the project.

It took us less than 3 months to build the ReachFive website with the HubSpot CMS. Our main challenges were to create a new identity for the ReachFive brand and build a site that generated leads by way of inbound marketing.

  • Project planning and roadmap monitoring by way of shared tools
  • Identification of requirements and features for each page, inbound marketing strategy consulting
  • Analysis of user journeys to devise solutions pages and features adapted to each persona
  • Use of "smart content" modules allowing for personalized content that adapts to the industry, persona, or life cycle of visitors to the site
  • Design & implementation of modular templates (landing page, thank you page, page for downloading resources) to create and monitor marketing campaigns with speed and agility
  • Design & implementation of various CTAs to generate leads (CTA text, CTA image, CTA banner, CTA form)
  • A technically optimized site in terms of SEO
  • A scalable site that can easily be expanded by adding another language for a new target market
Reachfive - the results

The results



increase in website visits from December 2019 to February 2020


increase in new contacts generated over the same period


of the marketing team trained on the various features of each template in the HubSpot CMS

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