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Centralizing online & offline customer data in a Customer Data Platform



workshops to scope the project


benchmarked tools


flow modeling around the Customer Data Platform

A word from Nortia

Thank you Markentive for your attentiveness, responsiveness and perfect synthesis at the end of each workshop. The implementation and follow-up of the workshops were seamless and conducted with meticulous attention.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for the high-quality and comprehensive feedback that fully aligned with our objectives. The recommendations provided were relevant, pragmatic, and tailored to our specific context and model.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge the highly effective collaboration with Markentive, characterized by exceptional interpersonal skills.

- Sophie Houillon, Relationship Marketing Manager

About Nortia


Financial services

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Number of employees:

Entre 100 et 120

Markentive solutions

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Goals and challenges

The marketing team of the DLPK Group, representing Nortia, faced a critical need to centralize customer data due to fragmented tools and processes. Existing systems did not provide unified and actionable data.

To overcome the challenges of data imports and exports, Nortia sought a central datamart solution that would offer reliable and up-to-date data accessible to marketing and sales teams.

Nortia engaged Markentive to assist in their transition to a central tool, aligned with their marketing objectives:

  • Identify suitable solutions (Customer Data Platform vs Datamart) for unifying offline and online data.
  • Conduct a comprehensive benchmarking of various solutions.
  • Anticipate the synchronization requirements between existing business tools and the future solution to achieve a 360° customer view.
  • Enhance marketing campaigns through advanced segmentation capabilities.
  • Empower marketing teams to operate more efficiently and independently.
  • Select a tool that ensures compliance with GDPR regulations and guarantees data security on a European server.

Solutions provided by Markentive

nortia meeting
  • We organized three workshops to establish objectives, define a data model, and identify synchronization requirements, resulting in a comprehensive and precise set of specifications.

  • An audit of existing tools was conducted to understand both technical and business requirements.

  • A data model was created, and synchronization rules were designed for each property between the central tool and the third-party tools to be connected, such as Salesforce, Sendinblue, Survey Monkey, Digitevent, website, N+ application, and PowerBI.

  • We conducted a benchmark of six Customer Data Platform and Datamart solutions, evaluating them based on identified needs such as functionalities, reporting tools, synchronization possibilities, budget, and data security. Recommendations were scored to aid in the decision-making process.
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Les résultats obtenus


alignment of marketing and ISPD teams around the project and final needs


benchmarked tools

Flow modeling provides a roadmap for implementing the tool, based on a preliminary study of marketing use cases.

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