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Garance&Moi: +300% opportunities converted into customers with Growth





more opportunities converted into customers via their own channels


sales meetings booked in 3 months

A word from Garance & Moi

I contacted Markentive to seek their specific expertise and it's a choice that I do not regret. In a context of strong growth, we have to move quickly and work with people who understand our business challenges. The response time has been super impressive over the months of collaboration, as has the high level of expertise and the ability to deliver extremely quickly.


Garance Yverneau, Founder and CEO of Garance & Moi

About Garance&Moi


Training, Coaching, Human resources

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Garance&moi challenges

Goals and challenges

As part of their marketing strategy, Garance&Moi wanted to implement a Growth Marketing strategy in order to boost their conversion rate quickly and generate more sales opportunities. They wanted to improve acquisition, activation and retention.


  • Acquisition: Generate new leads
  • Activation: Increase the conversion rate of leads into opportunities
  • Activation: Increase the conversion rate of opportunities into customers
  • Activation: Generate webinar registrations
  • Activation: Generate demo requests
  • Retention: Generate sponsored leads

Our solutions

Markentive supported Garance&Moi in setting up a 3-month growth action plan to support them in achieving their Q4 2021 objectives.

  • Implementation of a retargeting strategy on Facebook to target visitors to the site and contacts with an ongoing opportunity.
  • Optimization of their top landing pages to encourage webinar registrations / demo requests
  • Update of their scoring criteria for a more precise MQL qualification to generate more demos
  • Optimization of nurturing scenarios to maximize appointments (ED) and Webinar registrations
  • Implementation and promotion of an online test to generate leads
  • Modeling and launching a sponsorship campaign
Garance&moi résultats

The results


webinar registrations


increase in opportunity-to-customer conversion rate (excluding paid)


sales meetings booked in 2 months

La remise à plat des process marketing et commerciaux et le paramétrage sur mesure de l’outil HubSpot a permis à Garance & Moi d’obtenir des résultats très prometteurs.

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