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Garance&Moi: restructuring of marketing & sales processes on HubSpot



transactions created via the new processes in 6 months


transactions generated or reactivated by nurturing in 3 months


weeks to develop, integrate and launch a new website

A word from Garance & Moi

Markentive fully understood our marketing and sales challenges. The team has a high level of expertise and a very good level of execution, while being ultra flexible. I recommend them 100%.


Garance Yverneau, Founder and CEO of Garance & Moi 


About Garance&Moi


Training, Coaching, Human resources

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Markentive solutions:

Marketing Automation Website & Webdesign CRM & Sales Enablement
Garance&moi challenges

Goals and challenges

Garance & Moi wanted to carry out a 360° strategic overhaul of its marketing and sales processes to support the rebranding of the company, further align marketing and sales and maximize the conversion of prospects into customers.

To carry out this project, Garance&Moi set out to find a partner capable of supporting them strategically in the overhaul of existing marketing and sales processes, and operationally in the migration of its new website on HubSpot CMS, as well as in optimizing the use of the HubSpot solutions (Marketing and CRM) already implemented internally.

This is how the collaboration with Markentive began to respond to this project with multiple challenges.

The new website had to:

  • Reflect the new brand identity of Garance&Moi and position them as a leader in professional coaching
  • Be optimized for SEO
  • Be integrated into Garance & Moi's digital strategy (integration with the Marketing automation tool and HubSpot CRM ecosystem)

The overhaul of marketing and sales processes had to:

  • Allow the use cases of the sales team to be reviewed in order to restructure the pipelines according to the different sales stages
  • Increase productivity by setting up automations
  • Improve lead processing time
  • Generate more qualified leads to pass on to the sales team
  • Improve lead-to-opportunity conversion rates with a marketing automation strategy
  • Simplify the use of the tool based on redefined business goals
  • Customize HubSpot features to adapt the tool to different use cases

Our solutions

Following various strategic and preparation workshops, we were able to support Garance& Moi throughout their project:

  • Development of the new website on the HubSpot CMS and migration of more than 500 content pages for a launch in just 6 weeks
  • Study of the commercial use cases of each team to develop personalized pipelines according to each process
  • Implementation of automations on pipelines to improve team efficiency
  • Implementation of scoring to improve lead processing and prioritization
  • Creation of a playbook on how to use the CRM and secure adoption of new internal processes
  • Optimization of onboarding processes for more efficient deal management
  • Definition of buyer personas and buyer journeys and development of a form strategy to segment the different profiles and collect relevant user information
  • Definition and implementation of emailing scenarios (marketing automation) to qualify, engage and re-activate contacts in the database, with the aim of pushing for conversion
  • Creation of personalized resources to boost activation and lead generation (personalized landing pages, email templates)
  • Definition of a premium content strategy to be developed to engage contacts based on their profiles
  • Personalized training for members of the Garance&Moi team to help them get started with HubSpot and gain autonomy
Garance&moi résultats

The results


transactions created via the new processes


re-engaged contacts


transactions generated or reactivated by nurturing

3 months

to overhaul all the processes and make the teams autonomous


weeks to develop, integrate and launch a new website


nurturing scenarios modeled and implemented


sessions in a year

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