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HubSpot x Salesforce: the case study about EnergyScan, ENGIE's e-market intelligence platform



data management automations


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single pipeline synchronized with Salesforce



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Goals and challenges

EnergyScan wanted a 360° tool that would provide visibility into all customer and prospect interactions, create and track opportunities, and leverage the Salesforce database.

Key goals:

  • Generate new qualified contacts (via effective conversion points)
  • Activate existing contacts (via targeted, automated communications)
  • Improve contact visibility and follow-up
  • Define a new sales process
  • Measure marketing and sales performance

The solutions we provided


It's essential to analyze and understand the teams' business processes so as to be able to optimize them and translate them into HubSpot. It was with this in mind that we explored the needs and habits of the teams, in order to build and automate a powerful tool, empowering them to save time, boost productivity and enhance efficiency on all fronts.


  • Evolution and implementation of a data model corresponding to EnergyScan's processes and the constraints imposed by Salesforce. ➡️ Goal: collect relevant data at each stage of the lifecycle, enabling optimal database segmentation and contact qualification.
  • Implementation of a sales pipeline for opportunity management with the goal to ➡️ Effortlessly monitor and manage opportunities within HubSpot, utilizing a streamlined pipeline and data structure tailored to align with EnergyScan's sales procedures.
  • Connection with Salesforce for synchronization of contact, company and transaction data. ➡️ Goals: leverage the pool of contacts in Salesforce (shared between ENGIE's Gems Business Units) and provide visibility on EnergyScan Hub opportunities.
  • Creation of dashboards and reports dedicated to Marketing & Sales. ➡️ Goals: Monitor all actions (macro and micro) for test & learn purposes.
  • Implementation of EnergyScan-branded lead capture tools (landing pages, forms, scoring, e-mail) and associated automation (notifications, automated e-mail dispatch, task creation) to streamline marketing actions. ➡️ Goals: generate and activate contacts thanks to optimized, automated marketing tools in the EnergyScan colors.
  • Exploring the dynamics of lifecycle stages and lead statuses to streamline the qualification process and handover between Marketing and Sales teams.➡️ Goals: determine the data to be collected at each stage, the teams in charge, the actions to be taken and potential automations, and define a customized lead management process for EnergyScan in HubSpot without impacting the standard processes implemented in Salesforce.


  • 3 dashboards created
  • 30 data management automations
  • 1 unique pipeline synchronized with Salesforce
  • 100% of teams have completed training - Ensuring a secure onboarding process with rapid familiarization for all.
  • Quickly getting up to speed with the tool and its implemented features.
  • 1 single flow with Salesforce for contact, company and transaction data

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