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Corp Agency: a unique Sales and Marketing solution on HubSpot

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A word from Corp Agency

We initially went with another agency to integrate our CRM system, but the results were rather disappointing. We had heard good things about Markentive so asked them to help us set up our CRM on HubSpot. Markentive understood our biggest challenges, created our data model, optimized our inbound marketing strategy, and provided comprehensive and clear-cut training to ensure maximum adoption of the tool by our teams

Marion Jacobson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Corp Agency

About Corp Agency

Industry :

Events in the area of new technologies and energy

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Deliverables :

Marketing Automation CRM & Sales Enablement
Corp Agency - objectives and challenges

Objectives and challenges

Corp Agency markets a variety of physical and virtual events for its exhibitors, visitors, partners, and speakers. Each target had its own sales & marketing tools, thereby affecting the lead processing procedures in a complex system with little agility.

Corp Agency enlisted Markentive to deploy a single sales & marketing system that simultaneously facilitated the management of its data.

  • Share information between the teams to generate more leads
  • Optimize communication to improve conversion rates
  • Create a standard event model to increase productivity
  • Personalize HubSpot features for Corp Agency's use cases
  • Integrate the tool in an agile way while respecting the sales processes and needs of each team (sale of exhibition services, telemarketing of conference passes, recruitment of visitors by the marketing team)
  • Connect HubSpot to the e-commerce platform to obtain a 360-degree view of the business

The solutions we provided

Corp Agency - solutions

The analysis of the specific use cases of each team allowed us to understand how they work together as well as their targets, sales processes, and needs.

  • For each team, develop a specific use incorporating the various HubSpot Sales tools
  • Optimize customer and prospect segmentation for the marketing team
  • Help the marketing team generate leads by way of landing pages and forms
  • Link HubSpot to the event management tool (e-commerce) to automate ticket sale reports and monitoring
  • Train the teams in the use of the tool and prepare them for real-life sales scenarios
Corp Agency - The results

The results


A sales & marketing platform optimized for the various Corp Agency teams.

  • Smoother sales processes
  • Simplified monitoring of teams by managers
  • Optimized marketing campaign management thanks to a common work schedule and the monitoring of all actions from one central location
  • Real-time updating and reporting of sales & marketing KPIs thanks to dashboards used collectively by the teams
  • Adoption of the CRM system by the teams after personalized training addressing problems and concerns surrounding the use of the tool
  • Real-time reports for team leaders

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