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Better&Stronger redesigns its website to enhance its new identity



leads generated


increase in conversion rate compared to the previous year


sessions on the website after the redesign

A very professional team to guarantee the success of our project

The team was extremely rigorous in the execution of our website redesign project. We were able to benefit from very useful marketing advice throughout our collaboration as well as from a complete training on the HubSpot CMS.

Florentine Lespagnol, Marketing Manager, Better&Stronger

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Website & Webdesign

Goals and challenges

Better&Stronger had a one-page website on Webflow and a blog on HubSpot. They used HubSpot for their business processes (Sales Hub) as well as the CRM. When they worked on the rebranding of their identity, they naturally chose the HubSpot CMS for their new website.

To support them in this project and help them adapt/reflect their new brand image on their new website, they called on Markentive, a specialist in UX design and website development on HubSpot CMS.

Here are the main needs listed in the specifications of this web project:

  • A branding and experience that reflects the agency's DNA, with a very creative, original and disruptive style, in order to stand out from the competition;
  • A multilingual site and dedicated pages to best address the needs of the main personas and communicate on the multiple areas of expertise of the agency;
  • A mobile-optimized site for an optimal user experience;
  • A website design and structure that promotes lead generation;
  • Ease of handling and autonomy of marketing in the creation of new pages, as well as the possibility of upgrading the site.

Our solutions for Better&Stronger

The project was able to run very efficiently thanks to Markentive's expertise in UX/UI design, SEO and site development on the HubSpot CMS, but also thanks to the alignment with the Better & Stronger teams (artistic direction, representatives of their different areas of expertise, vision of the CEO, CRO, etc.).

The project was a success thanks to the perfect collaboration between all the stakeholders and here are the solutions we brought to them to help them achieve their goals:

  • Work on the architecture of the website and proposal of a simple and clear navigation;
  • Proposal of optimized customer journeys in order to offer a better customer experience and to support the agency's storytelling efforts;
  • Translation of client needs into web guidelines;
  • Proposal of images and animations to reflect the new brand image and the vision of the company;
  • Creation of 6 page templates, a resource center, as well as two landing page templates. Branding and designs were enriched throughout the project;
  • Development of pages on the HubSpot CMS: creation of the tailor-made theme, development of specific modules, creation of page templates;
  • Application of good practices in terms of technical SEO: markup, internal linking, links to other modules;
  • Development of a language switcher and internal linking in English;
  • Training of collaborators on the CMS, so that they become completely autonomous in updating their website and creating new pages, blog articles and customer case studies.

The results

  • +16.2% of leads generated compared to the previous year
  • +60.5% website sessions
  • - 10.7% bounce rate on the website
  • +51.5% conversions
  • an improved user experience thanks to the redesign of the website

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