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How Adama France generated 1,600+ leads using its digital strategy


+ 10

launched marketing campaigns


increase in its email open rate

+ 22 000

blog sessions

In Adama's words

A highly responsive team that listens to our needs, with customized onboarding and fast results. We immediately felt at ease with the team and very comfortable with HubSpot. It's truly a pleasure to work with Markentive!

Emmanuelle Clin, Branding and Communication Manager, Adama France

About Adama



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Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation

Goals and Challenges

Adama's French team needed help with developing its digital communication tools. They especially wanted to focus on their inbound marketing strategy. Their main challenge was in collecting new farmer contacts and successfully developing them to maturity in a segmented and measurable marketing process.

  • Define and automate the steps of the customer lifecycle
  • Increase the number of monthly visitors to the website and blog
  • Improve the positioning of its keywords
  • Adopt a robust HubSpot-Salesforce integration
  • Reflect Adama's values and brand image effectively

Our solutions


We worked with the Adama team on a number of topics since 2018:

  • Definition of buyer personas and development of a form-based strategy for effectively segmenting the various profiles and non-intrusively collecting relevant information

  • Development of email campaign scenarios to promote customer engagement or re-engagement, while providing useful information and achieving an appropriate send rate

  • Supply of customized resources to respond to marketing use cases (email templates, landing page templates, CTA templates, etc.)

  • Implementation of an SEO action plan and formulation of strategic writing recommendations

  • Construction of a synchronization model to automate the transfer of engaged and qualified leads between HubSpot and Salesforce

  • Creation of all graphics, technical support, and consulting on the deployment of marketing campaigns with HubSpot

the results

+ 10

launched marketing campaigns


increase in its email open rate

+ 22 000

blog sessions

+ 1 650

leads generated across all deployed channels

  • A marketing team fully trained and working independently with HubSpot

  • A marketing platform designed and deployed to reduce friction, increase engagement, and meet the many needs of its users

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