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For you, your website should

  • Generate qualified traffic via pages optimized for search engines
  • Be able to evolve in a simple way without the help of a developer
  • Use your CRM data to contextualize and personalize your content
  • Reflect the visual identity of your company with a modern and responsive website

For your visitors, your website should

  • Be frictionless using an intuitive navigation
  • Adopt user-centric content that meets visitor's needs
  • Facilitate exchange and interactions
  • Adopt a clear message to understand your products or services in just few seconds
  • Offer the best mobile experience

Our expertise at your service


User-centric design

Our user-centric approach ensures both the quality of deliverables and that they meet user needs. We integrate a list of ergonomic criteria based on UX principles such as Gestalt theory and Hick's Laws to offer mockups as close as possible to the end user needs.


Guided by efficiency and detail

Because a website must be intuitive and easy to handle, we attach great importance to the perceptible elements of the interfaces: graphic elements, call-to-action, navigation, typography, etc. This translates into pixel-perfect mockups driven by efficiency.


Experts in visual identity redesign

We’re not just reviewing the site’s architecture, user journeys or SEO optimization. We can also redesign your brand's visual identity. We are able to work on the global brand image and its variation on the web. Enriching the visual identity of your website will allow you to obtain an optimal user experience.


Web animation

Fluid, responsive, vector and light, we create tailor-made animations for websites. In addition to strengthening your visual identity and your brand image, animations allow visitors to stay on a page longer. Your conversion rates, number of pages visited and user interest will be improved.


Search Optimized Sites

We co-build with our SEO experts the entire project from the co-design of wishlists, wireframes to wording templates incorporating recommendations in terms of keywords and metadata. This results in optimized pages to improve SEO.

Your partner to design a successful website that drives results


The teams

Our developers are among the world’s most experienced in the CMS HubSpot COS

A dedicated multi-expertise team throughout your project: web project managers, SEO consultants, UX/UI designers and web developers.


The process

We create a unique design around the user experience because your visitors deserve it.

In order to ensure the performance of your website, we integrate your goals, your personas and the conversion path into our strategy.


The technologies

Who said Marketing and Sales teams couldn't work hand in hand?

HubSpot COS is the only CMS natively coupled to a CRM and a Marketing Automation solution to help align both teams.

Our solutions

Discover our different offers for website design


Starting at 10000€
Live in 15 days
Let's discuss

A modern and scalable website, built with our own templates and our library of modules, without compromising on good web design practices.

  • Pre-project preparation
  • Web Development
  • Project team
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Starting at 20000€
Live in 4 to 6 weeks
Let's discuss

A website that belongs only to you, based on your customer’s needs, problems and behavior.

  • Pre-project preparation
  • Design creation
  • Web Development
  • Project team
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Integration only

On demand
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Have you made your mockups and are you looking for a web integration partner?

Our team of developers specialized in HubSpot COS can help you.

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Conversion Audit & Recommendations


Modular templates


API & Complex Integrations

MAR2000X-Starter-Webdesign-Icone-Simulateur – 1

Price simulator and interactive quiz

What our partner says

Markentive is one of our key partners worldwide and particularly in France. Their solid CMS Hub expertise and full in-house web design team have proven to solve for our ambitious customers all these years.

Luke Summerfield
Go-to-Market Lead (Web & CMS) - Product Team

Our achievements


Reachfive offers businesses a modern and unique customer experience, through Identity Management and Customer Access (CIAM) solutions.


  • Choose a CMS to make marketing autonomous and centralize all the tools used by marketing team.
  • Build a website that drives results with an inbound marketing approach
  • Create a beautiful design to strengthen the credibility and brand image of the company
HubSpot COS, Adobe XD


Opendatasoft supports organizations by helping their teams and partners to access and leverage their data.


  • Design an optimized website for lead generation to boost conversions and sales
  • Streamline the user journey for better interaction with their customers
  • Strengthen brand awareness and image
HubSpot COS, Adobe XD


A specialist in site monitoring applications & software, Finalcad offers a collaborative platform for all construction projects.


  • Integrate custom mockups on HubSpot COS
  • Optimize web analytics, SEO and SEA aspects
Integration only, Webdesign additional services
HubSpot COS, Hodjar, Google Analytics


Noriap is the Hauts de France and Seine Maritime agricultural group. The Noriap Group is developing and investing in the professions of the future for the benefit of its members and the region.


  • Design an innovative site to support the Group's new visual identity and its lead generation objectives.
  • Launch a blog to support its new content strategy and position the group and the cooperative as benchmarks in its market.
HubSpot COS, Adobe XD


Leader in drive-to-store in Europe, Bonial reconnects consumers with stores by allowing brands to communicate their offers in the digital world.


  • Create a corporate site to acquire qualified traffic
  • Develop the employer brand
  • Retain existing customers
HubSpot COS, Adobe XD

United Heroes

United Heroes (Sport Heroes Group) allows brands to create a strong bond between their employees and mobilize them around the concepts of sport, well-being and solidarity.


  • Have a B2B website to present commercial offers to prospects and generate leads
  • Promote the application features and news to users
Integration only
HubSpot COS
Markentive Webdesign UnitedHeroes

FAQ Webdesign

HubSpot CMS was designed with a digital marketing approach since its conception and it allows marketers create and modify pages without the help of a developer. It is completely connected with CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. Discover in this article the multiple functionalities available. All this without plugin or security problem!

HubSpot offers two licenses: the CMS Professional Hub at 280 € / month and the Enterprise CMS Hub at 830 € / month. With the CMS Professional offer, our developers can design a personalized and scalable website that your marketers can update independently. The CMS Enterprise offer is particularly suitable for large accounts. It includes all the options of the CMS Professional offer, plus you have advanced functionalities such as the creation of powerful web experiences (calculator, dynamic content, etc.) and manage tool governance with partitioned content according to your teams or regions.

The main difference is that with the Starter offer, you choose your modules from our own templates library to build your pages. Therefore, the design creation and mockups steps are not present, but you can customize your pages to the colors of your brand guidelines. There are no concessions on good web design practices and responsive is 100% respected.

We always start our project with a Kick-off meeting which among other things allows us to recall the objectives and define the wishlists for each page of the website. We use collaborative management tools such as Slack and Trello to track the progress of the project on a daily basis. The roadmap is drawn up on a Gantt to list all the important milestones to be carried out (design, implementation, recipe, go live…). As part of a custom website, we integrate a UX/UI strategy to optimize the user journey and graphic choices as well as SEO recommendations to optimize the overall performance of your website.

Thanks to our UX/UI experts team, Markentive can take care of the mockups creation for your website. It translates into graphic but also functional elements, conveying the brand image and providing a great user experience. We look into your style guides, inspirations and specific needs very carefully. We always produce a wireframe before going to the mockup stage to validate each step. In addition, our UX/UI team can help design illustrations, animations, motion videos and icons.

No, website development is fully carried out by our team of developers in our Paris office. They are among the best specialists in the CMS HubSpot COS in the world.

The deadline varies depending on the proposed offer, the number of pages to design and develop, and the number of languages ​​in which your site will be available. With the Starter offer, your website could be live within 15 days. With the Custom offer, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks. If you have already produced your mockups, we can give you an accurate estimate of the integration time required.

Markentive delivers around 5 websites per month. In this way, we are fully aware of new HubSpot CMS features to offer the most personalized, modern and scalable templates!

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