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How Solocal reduced its acquisition cost per lead by -45% thanks to Markentive

case studies

1 200

leads generated per month

- 45%

on cost per lead

8 000

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A word from Solocal

Markentive helped us launch a complex project and quickly analyzed our needs to provide for a powerful inbound strategy, comprehensive HubSpot training, and deliverables that keep us on track and allow us to achieve our goals. We were especially pleased with their availability and responsiveness on the various communication channels.

Maximilien Grolier, Lead Product Manager, Solocal

About Solocal

Industry :

Advertising and digital

Founded in :


Number of employees :

4 300

Deliverables :

Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation
Solocal - objectives and challenges

Objectives and challenges

In an effort to digitalize its services, Solocal underwent a strategic redesign that included the implementation of an inbound strategy and the creation of new media.

Solocal was in search of a dedicated team to quickly set up a marketing automation tool to execute this new strategy.

There were a number of challenges involved with this project:

  • From a strategic standpoint, we had to implement an inbound marketing strategy that would maximize the generation of increasingly qualified leads and reduce the costs of paid acquisition for connecting construction professionals and consumers
  • From a technical standpoint, we had to enable the Solocal teams to manage new media campaigns via a single portal while connecting the portal to the complex IT ecosystem that was already in place

In light of these goals, HubSpot was the perfect tool for the project. By choosing Markentive, Solocal knew it would get the help it needed to complete the project on time and achieve the best possible results.

  • Improve the quality of leads for the professionals
  • Create a marketing automation strategy designed for new media
  • Centralize the management of new media in a single HubSpot account
  • Integrate HubSpot into the Solocal IT ecosystem to automate lead processing

The solutions we provided

Solocal - solutions

Markentive deployed the following solution for digitalizing Solocal's coordination services:

  • Review the statistics and ergonomics of the current website and come up with recommendations to optimize conversion
  • Define inbound marketing and marketing automation strategies for each media channel
  • Devise recommendations for optimizing current and new content in line with the inbound strategy and previously defined personas
  • Segment and customize the HubSpot environment for each new media channel in a single portal
  • Connect an attribution tool to HubSpot
  • Offer consulting and support on how to connect HubSpot to existing tools
  • Provide the Solocal team with personalized training in HubSpot Marketing Hub
Solocal - The results

The results


1 200

leads generated per month


on cost per lead

8 000

white papers downloads

€120 000

saved on advertising expenses

  • Implementation of a powerful API between HubSpot and the Solocal IT ecosystem
  • Automation of lead processing and Solocal customer relationship management
  • Creation of inbound-friendly resources (landing pages, emails, etc.) for each media channel
  • Framework documentation and strategy implementation on HubSpot Marketing

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