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TransForce: Improving Market Penetration & Customer Lifecycle Management with HubSpot

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“Building on a successful relationship with Markentive, we engaged their team for a larger project to establish best practices and structure data as we grow our prospect database, while also streamlining our sales cycle for Transforce's core service offerings. Markentive leveraged their existing knowledge of our business model and quickly acclimated to the larger team, taking ownership of our project and customer journey goals. Working with a French agency on CET was the only challenge we faced as a US EST Company, but they accounted for that with prompt email responses and a weekly check-in, along with ad hoc calls. Markentive is enjoyable to work with, flexible with level of engagement, responsive and reliable. We are still benefiting and growing from the impactful work they helped us to accomplish.

- Rachel, Director of Sales Operations

Industry :

Road transport company

Founded :

Over 30 years ago

Number of employees :

1 001 - 5 000

Website :

Markentive Solutions

CRM & Sales Enablement Marketing Automation

Goals and challenges

Transforce called on Markentive to optimize the quality of the data available on HubSpot and leverage the platform to better manage the end-to-end customer journey. 


  • Standardize information to improve the quality of reports
  • Structure data for customers, improve contact classification and import missing prospect data
  • Enhance contact attribution
  • Improve deal management and forecasting
  • Improve Sales pipeline efficiency
  • Enable post customer acquisition lifecycle management

The solutions we provided

Logistic workers preparing for transportation

Transforce had been using HubSpot for several years and wanted Markentive to help them enhance the platform with a more complete customer map and journey.

  • System architecture design support for a data lake that would ingest data to HubSpot based on the companies robust business rules.
  • Review of the data model and cleaning of the existing database to eliminate 90 properties (duplicates, unused, text entries).
  • Simplification of workflows to automatically update lead statuses and/or lifecycle stages.
  • Creation of a single sales pipeline consolidating data from 4 pipelines to enable better reporting.
  • Implementation of an automation to validate any manual creation of new companies and prevent the creation of duplicate companies.
  • Implementation of sales automation workflows to remove ownership of unqualified leads (to prevent the sales team from spending time on them) and to allow reallocation of former ownership once a lead is better qualified.
  • Roadmapped the systems integration and data elements to support the company in managing post-customer acquisition lifecycle activities (upsell, cross-sell, retention and NPS) more seamlessly within HubSpot instead of through disparate tools and systems.
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new automations to qualify and assign contacts and companies

12 000 deals

updated deals (moved to a new pipeline in appropriate stages)


reworked contacts

As well as a completely autonomous team on the use of all HubSpot Hubs (Marketing, Sales & Service)

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