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How Total Lubmarine increased its lead generation by 20% thanks to Inbound

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A word from Total Lubmarine

Markentive designed and implemented an inbound marketing strategy to help us achieve our goals. In particular, they helped us overcome the technical challenges of integrating HubSpot with our complex IT ecosystem. We've already increased our leads by 20%! Outstanding customer experience!

Olivier Suming, Service Product Manager, Total Lubmarine

About Total Lubmarine

Industry :

Marine Lubricants, Feed rate Optimization, Marine Services

Founded in :


Number of employees :


Deliverables :

Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation
Total lubmarine - Objectives and challenges

Objectives and challenges

Total Lubmarine wanted to increase its notoriety and promote its entire range of products and services while seeking to better understand its targets and cater to their needs.

  • Build a strong international brand image
  • Generate more traffic
  • Increase the website conversion rate
  • Make data and marketing actions available on one single platform

The solutions we provided

Total Lubmarine - solutions

Markentive helped Total Lubmarine design an inbound marketing strategy and integrate HubSpot Marketing software to facilitate the implementation of highly targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Definition of personas and the steps in the customer journey
  • Creation of a content strategy per persona and step in the customer journey
  • Definition of a lead scoring strategy
  • Integration of HubSpot Marketing with a complex IT ecosystem
  • Implementation of inbound marketing campaigns
  • Creation of a chatbot to help visitors to the website
  • Management of social media accounts in accordance with the previously defined content strategy
Total Lubmarine - the results

The results


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