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Stade Toulousain : launching B2C omnichannel campaigns with HubSpot


+283 000

contacts migrated to HubSpot


orders synchronized in HubSpot per month


customer segments created according to maturity and recent purchases

A word from Stade Toulousain

“I'd like to thank the entire Markentive team for the work they've been doing for over a year, their flexibility and responsiveness, not to mention their expertise, which enabled us to successfully integrate the CRM. And thanks to Florine for her excellent training!”

Maïlys Traoré - Digital Marketing Manager

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stade toulousain goals and challenges

Goals and challenges

Stade Toulousain is a renowned rugby club located in Toulouse. The club offers various products and services, including match tickets, merchandising items (such as scarves and t-shirts) distributed through their physical and online stores, training programs, and restaurants.

Before our collaboration started, the Stade Toulousain marketing team was using Mailjet email tool. However, in order to elevate their marketing campaigns to a new level, the team made the strategic decision to implement HubSpot.

This project came with several challenges:

  • Centralize data in a single CRM to enable segmentation of the customer base and implement personalized, automated marketing initiatives targeting supporters.
  • Connect third-party online and offline systems (ticketing, store, training school, restaurants) with HubSpot CRM via API.
  • Enhance fan insights (including real-time consumption data) to personalize marketing campaigns and convert fans into ambassadors.
  • Automate marketing actions.
    Optimize the management of multi-channel campaigns for acquiring new fans.
  • Develop tools for measuring marketing performance and the ROI of actions.

The solutions provided by Markentive

stade toulousain players

Markentive supported Stade Toulousain in the implementation of HubSpot (CRM and Marketing Hub). This allowed them to leverage a robust marketing automation tool and a unified CRM system that consolidated data from their various third-party systems.

During the scoping phase, we worked with Stade Toulousain on all their marketing use case to ensure that the marketing automation tool could be tailored to their specific requirements.

Markentive then undertook the complete development of API integrations, establishing seamless synchronization between HubSpot and Stade Toulousain's third-party tools, including physical and online ticketing, physical and e-commerce boutiques, restaurants, and the Stade Toulousain Academy.

Here are the various solutions we provided:

  • A thorough analysis of marketing use cases (e.g., abandoned cart, customer loyalty campaigns, personalized database segmentation) to anticipate and set up all scenarios within the HubSpot tool.
  • Advice on the data model to be implemented in HubSpot, including the identification of relevant objects and properties (both standard and custom).
  • Development a custom API connection and implementation of a HubSpot Private App to establish seamless integration between HubSpot and the Stade Toulousain MDM (Master Data Management) system.
  • Support for field mapping between HubSpot and the MDM, ensuring synchronization rules for various properties.
  • Automation of the creation of supporter contacts and consumption data, capturing information such as match ticket purchases, store item transactions, restaurant reservations, and training course enrolments.
  • Implementation of email templates, landing pages, and forms to streamline the launch of marketing campaigns.
  • Set up of a lead scoring system to assess supporter engagement levels and personalize communications accordingly.
  • Creation of analytics dashboards to monitor the performance of marketing and sales efforts.
  • Organization of customized HubSpot training sessions tailored to the specific needs of the marketing teams.
résultats stade toulousain

The Results


single HubSpot < > MDM (Master Data Management) flow, gathering data from a dozen third-party systems

+150 000

marketing emails sent / month

+283 000

contacts migrated to the instance


orders synchronized in HubSpot / month

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