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The HubSpot suite at the heart of operations at Kwote



enriched and qualified companies in the CRM


leads activated by digital marketing in 6 months


conversions from Lead to MQL in 6 months

"Markentive's help in setting up and structuring the Marketing tools on HubSpot was super valuable. Their team allowed me to discover the platform as a whole and to better understand how it works. 

The support was very comprehensive as I have now achieved full autonomy in using the tools: creating workflows, behavioral and demographic scoring, designing nurturing scenarios, etc."


Pauline Lecheminoux, Growth Marketing Manager, Kwote



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Markentive solutions

CRM & Sales Enablement Marketing Automation Customer Service

Goals and challenges

In early 2021, Kwote implemented a new RevOps strategy to achieve its growth goals. The company was already equipped with the HubSpot tool stack (Hubs Sales, Service & Marketing Professional), however its setup no longer corresponded to the teams' businesses.

The management was looking for a certified partner & integrator in order to develop the configuration and provide the Sales - Marketing and Customer Service teams with high-performance tools adapted to their new business needs.

CRM & HubSpot Sales Hub:

  • Support the new ABM business strategy and drive recurring revenue;
  • Monitor recurring revenue and follow sales forecasts to meet the needs of a SaaS company;
  • Automate repetitive sales tasks.

Marketing automation:

  • Work on relevant segments to prioritize activation campaigns;
  • Automate lead tracking to increase conversion rate;
  • Use modular templates to increase productivity.

Customer service:

  • Deploy an automated customer support process depending on the nature of the request;
  • Facilitate the onboarding of users of the Kwote platform through online help;
  • Manage CSM activities and monitor satisfaction in real time.

The solutions provided by Markentive


CRM & Sales

  • CRM redesign to support the alignment of the Sales, Customer Support & Marketing teams;
  • Creation of custom properties, so that each team has access to the right information to carry out their activities effectively;
  • Automation of CRM qualification for up-to-date segments, in real time;
  • Activation of advanced features of the Sales Hub Professional to boost the performance of sales teams;
  • Use of HubSpot's ABM features;
  • Introduction of the Product object for more detailed forecasts of recurring revenue;
  • Automations to increase team productivity: sending reminders, creating tasks, enriching CRM data via Workflows to reduce the number of time-consuming actions by sales teams.

Marketing Automation

  • Personalized marketing assets and automated scenarios to increase efficiency;
  • Creation of personalized email templates & landing pages in Drag & Drop (thanks to the theme developed by Markentive);
  • Automatic detection of “hot leads” through the implementation of a double scoring (behavioral and demographic).

Customer service

  • Deployment of an automated ticketing process to collect and manage customer support requests by category of the support request;
  • Creation and deployment of an online Knowledge Base, connected to the Kwote application;
  • A HubSpot chatbot connected to the Knowledge Base has been integrated into the Kwote application to respond in real time.

The results

  • +3000 companies enriched and qualified in the CRM
  • +30 segments & sub-segments targeted in a personalized way via sales & marketing activation actions
  • +5000 leads activated by digital marketing in 6 months
  • +80% increase in Lead to MQL conversion rate in 6 months
  • Boost x3 of sales team performance (number of calls, meetings, tasks performed)
  • + 400 users of the Kwote platform supported by the CSM on the HubSpot ticket pipeline in 6 months
  • x8 less management time per customer request

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