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Generating more leads with a marketing automation tool integrated with a CRM and an ATS



migration from Pardot to HubSpot


Salesforce - HubSpot synchronization


synchronization with Greenhouse ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

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Markentive Solutions

Marketing Automation CRM & Sales Enablement
Teleconsultation CRM marketing

Goals and challenges

Our client aimed to enhance their lead generation strategy by leveraging a marketing automation tool to engage two target audiences: doctors and partners, including health centers and mutual insurance companies.

To accomplish this, they made the decision to transition from Pardot to HubSpot, seeking improved management of landing pages, emails, and forms. Furthermore, a synchronization was required between the new marketing automation tool and their ATS (Greenhouse) for physician management and recruitment, as well as their Salesforce CRM for partnership sales management.

Throughout this project, we collaborated with them to address various challenges and requirements, including:

  • Migrating their Pardot data to HubSpot.
  • Establishing synchronization between their new HubSpot Marketing Automation tool and their Salesforce CRM and Greenhouse ATS.
  • Ensuring cross-functional alignment among marketing, sales, and recruitment teams, enabling unified data management for both physicians and partnerships.
  • Enhancing the lead generation process.
  • Creating a marketing automation workflow to increase the number of leads.
  • Enhancing visibility into the performance of marketing initiatives.

The solutions provided by Markentive

consultation médicale CRM
  • Organization of workshops to understand targets, processes, and requirements of the client in order to implement and configure HubSpot solution based on customer needs.
  • Organization of workshops to anticipate synchronization needs (which data, frequency, and direction of synchronization).
  • Creation of a data model with synchronization rules for each property to/from Greenhouse or Salesforce, ensuring smooth data exchange.
  • Definition of lifecycle phases and lead status according to customer use cases, providing a structured approach to lead management.
  • Development of marketing assets aligned with the customer's graphic charter, including email templates, landing page templates, and form templates.
  • Creation of automated scenarios for lead nurturing, retention, event registration, and newsletters, streamlining marketing efforts.
  • Successful migration of 17,000 marketing contacts from Pardot to HubSpot, ensuring a seamless transition of data.
  • Implementation of performance dashboards to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.
  • Customized training for HubSpot Marketing Hub users, tailored to their specific use cases and requirements.
teleconsultation CRM integration and syncronisation

The results

17 000

marketing contacts migrated from Pardot to Salesforce


weeks to achieve this project


marketing team trained and autonomous on HubSpot

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