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Exodata boosts its acquisition with Growth & the redesign of its site

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leads generated compared to the previous year


increased conversion from MQL to Opportunity


sessions on the website after the redesign


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Goals and challenges

After a first collaboration with a digital agency, Exodata wanted to quickly improve its lead generation and the creation of new business opportunities through an acquisition strategy. They therefore called on Markentive to support them in setting up a Growth strategy.

Here are the main needs that this new strategy had to meet:

  • Increase the number of sessions on their website
  • Reduce the bounce rate on their website
  • Improve the visibility of their website and their brand
  • Increase the number of leads and opportunities generated by marketing

Our Solutions


Markentive supported Exodata in the creation and implementation of its Growth action plan. After analyzing the client's technological environment, we decided to redesign the Exodata website in order to help them obtain qualitative results quickly. The Growth project was therefore divided into two main parts:

1. Website redesign in sprint mode:

  • Migration of the website on the Buddy-theme, developed on HubSpot by Markentive, in order to improve the user experience and maximize conversion;
  • UX audit of the website and development of a series of recommendations;
  • Creation of an SEO content chart;
  • Semantic recommendations: optimization of 20 offer pages, internal linking, optimization of blog articles;
  • Technical recommendations: footer optimization, implementation of structured data on strategic pages, 404 management.

2. Launch of several iterations in Growth mode:

  • Definition of a forms strategy and implementation on their website to generate more qualified leads and opportunities;
  • Implementation of pop-ups on the top landing pages to encourage lead capture;
  • Optimization of CTAs on the top landing pages;
  • Deployment of a marketing automation strategy to activate the marketing lead base and generate business opportunities;
  • LinkedIn scrapping and sequences to communicate with new potential prospects;
  • Development of a social selling strategy to boost the lead generation;
  • Optimization of the Google My Business listing to improve SEO, boost visits to the site and increase the number of sales appointments.

The results

  • +30% leads generated compared to the previous year
  • +20% sessions on the website
  • - 15% website bounce rate
  • +45% conversion of marketing qualified leads to opportunities
  • an improved user experience thanks to the redesign of the website

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