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Smartway: a CRM and Customer Service migration towards HubSpot



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The entire Markentive team was very professional since the very beginning. The workshop preparation and management were impeccable ; great team work with insightful follow-ups, answers to our questions, solutions adapted to each of our issues, reactivity, support and training that was adjusted to our needs. In short, you can choose Markentive with your eyes closed!


Nicolas Pieuchot, Co-founder Smartway


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Markentive solutions

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Goals and challenges

The Smartway teams equipped themselves autonomously with different tools and their processes were not well aligned between the sales, customer service and marketing teams.

In order to have visibility on contacts and opportunities and to bring teams together around the same tool, they decided to call on Markentive to migrate their activities to HubSpot.

The main objectives of this service:

1) Structure business processes around a common tool to:

  • Follow the customer journey effectively for each stage and team;
  • Streamline the handover between salespeople and customer service managers (CSM) to launch the onboarding process when contracts are signed;
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

2) Centralize the database within the CRM to:

  • Provide complete visibility into the interactions between Smartway and its contacts;
  • Be more relevant in their communications.

3) Work on a common data repository to be able to create clear reports and better manage the activity.

4) Ensure the proper adoption of HubSpot tools by the different teams.

The solutions we've implemented


1) Structuring of common processes

Business Processes and Onboarding
  • Implementation of two separate business processes for Key Account teams and field teams;
  • Build of two pipelines, with custom automations;
  • Automation of the passing of information to salespeople and CSM thanks to a Ticketing system to represent the onboarding project.

Customer Service Process

  • Redefining the data model for Tickets;
  • Enabling different ticket creation channels (Chat, Phone, Forms, Inbox).

2) Using a centralized database

In order to have a centralized database and be able to use it effectively, it was necessary to migrate the data from the tools previously used by the teams.

Migrating from Pipedrive to HubSpot

  • Exported data from Pipedrive and reprocessed it in Excel to clean everything up, re-import;
  • Used Trujay middleware to perform the migration.

Customer service migration

  • Execution of the migration thanks to HelpDeskMigration;
  • Export of tickets and cleaning;
  • Re-import to update missing data in HubSpot;
  • Mapping tickets and assigning them to the right pipelines.

Alignment of business and service data

  • Deduplicate contacts and companies
  • Attachment to the correct Deals and Tickets.

3) Training the teams on the new tools to promote adoption

  • 100% personalized training for French and international teams;
  • Detection of adjustments to be made to the settings during the discussions with the trainees.

The results

  • Data: centralized data accessible to all for better visibility on business life cycles;
  • Sales: better follow-up of opportunities on each division;
  • CSM: easier onboarding thanks to a smooth process with sales teams;
  • Customer service: up to 500 tickets processed per month and a ticket closing time divided by 4;
  • Marketing: a better email opening rate thanks to contact segmentation (24% vs. 16% previously).

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