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Meritis : defining a strategy and implementing the HubSpot Marketing Automation tools


+ 600

new leads generated


conversion rates on landing pages


of the marketing team uses HubSpot after our training

In Meritis words

“Markentive has accompanied us for the past few months in the process of implementing a marketing automation tool, with Christian and Florine as project managers. We have finally chosen (without a lot of surprise) HubSpot and we are very happy with the choice. 

The implementation has been going very well till here, and the training was very clear for all the team, who was very happy about it.

There is still a little bit of ground to cover before we fully understand the tool and activated all the necessary features, but I'm . à parcourir à la rentrée avant d'avoir parfaitement pris en main l'outil et activé toutes les fonctionnalités nécessaires, but I have full confidence in the team to finalize the project on time. A big thank you!”

Carolane GUYON, Digital Marketing Manager, Meritis

About Meritis


Consulting firm specialising in the transformation of information systems and organisations.

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Marketing Automation Inbound Marketing
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Goals and challenges

Meritis supports its clients from A to Z in their most strategic IT projects through its technical, business and project management expertise.

In order to support Meritis' business objectives, the Marketing department called on Markentive to help with:

  1. Setting up a marketing automation strategy,
  2. Choosing and integrating the best tool to translate this strategy.

The implementation of this Marketing device had to be designed to integrate easily with their Salesforce CRM, in order to transmit and follow up qualified leads to the sales teams.

  • Setup campaigns easily and generate qualified leads;
  • Harvest intelligence from the data by modeling the prospect qualification criteria and proposing a form strategy;
  • Propose effective lead nurturing scenarios;
  • Segment via lists, customize campaigns and measure their impact;
  • Align Sales and Marketing teams on the transmission of Marketing-Qualified-Leads;
  • Setup a scoring to identify warm leads with a certain demographic profile;
  • Anticipate synchronization needs with Salesforce CRM and implement the necessary flows;
  • Build dashboards to track marketing performance indicators.

Our solutions 


Through a series of workshops, our consultants were able to grasp and understand Meritis' specificities as an IT consulting firm. As experts in the HubSpot tools, we were able to offer them personalized settings that meet their usage needs.

  • Advice in the choice of the marketing automation tool;
  • Structuring and import of existing databases;
  • Setup of custom fields and the view of information sheets;
  • Build of landing page templates, thank you pages, emails;
  • Implementation of workflows for different use cases (qualification of the database, transition of leads to MQLs, events, etc.);
  • Implementation of various automations (tasks, notifications, workflows for database management, etc.);
  • Implementation of reports;
  • Scoping and configuration of HubSpot x Salesforce synchronization;
  • Training of the teams to ensure adoption.
meritis team

The results


generated leads


conversion rate of the landing pages

Following the implementation of the HubSpot marketing automation tool and the training of the teams:

  • 100% of the marketing automation features deployed: contacts, email marketing, landing pages, forms, CTAs, campaigns, lists, scoring and associated reports;
  • Dedicated reports for monitoring marketing performance, web analytics and database filling;
  • 100% of marketing teams using HubSpot.

Over the first 3 months of the implementation of the strategy (August, September and October 2021):

  • + 600 new leads generated
  • 21%: the average email open rate
  • 99%: the email deliverability rate
  • 10%: the conversion rate on landing pages

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