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A new website on HubSpot CMS for an autonomous marketing team

Up to 60%

PageSpeed improvement depending on the pages


pages migrated in less than 6 weeks


less time to create and edit pages on the site

About Legalstart

Industry :

Legal Services

Founded in :


Number of employees :

130 team members

Services provided by Markentive

Website & Webdesign

Goals and challenges

Legalstart's website was already very successful in terms of lead generation and search engine optimization. However, after 7 years, when the company reworked its brand identity, the redesign became the solution to meet UX, technical and marketing challenges.

  • Legalstart wanted to humanize its services and make sure its offer was easy to read in order to make legal administration more accessible to all;
  • The marketing team wanted to gain autonomy and create content easily without having to call upon a developer;
  • The Product Designers team needed to modify the existing structure of the website to standardize the components used on each page in order to make large-scale modifications easier;
  • The new CMS needed to be integrated with the Legalstart app to provide a personalized browsing experience for each user based on their previous visits to the site.

Our solutions


Markentive assisted Legastart in the redesign and migration of their website from Mezzanine CMS to HubSpot CMS:

  • Development of a custom theme with custom modules so that the team could create independently the 30 page templates that would meet the needs of their 3000 pages;
  • Custom development of HubSpot's navigation functionality to provide a better understanding of the offer range thanks to a multi-level menu including CTAs;
  • Development of custom modules to integrate content from the original CMS (Mezzanine) to HubSpot via an API and migrate the content of more than 2,500 pages without impacting SEO;
  • Use of a HubDB to manage the classification of over 50 how-to page categories;
  • Development of a personalized banner on the home page that is synchronized with the Legalstart app via an API to display relevant CTAs to visitors according to their progress in their legal procedures;
  • Training of the marketing teams to make them 100% autonomous in the use of HubSpot CMS and the lead capture elements.



+30% to +60%

PageSpeed improvement depending on the pages


pages migrated in less than 6 weeks

  • A marketing team that is 100% autonomous and 3X faster in creating and editing pages on the site
  • A 360° view of the customer and prospect journey through the combined use of HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub and CMS 

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