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Epsor: Updating HubSpot to meet strong growth challenges



Hubs updated: Sales, Service & Marketing


Dashboards deployed to meet the needs of different teams


reliable data, at each stage of the customer journey


Financial services

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Number of employees




CRM & Sales Enablement Customer Service Growth
objectifs hubspot pour epsor

Goals and challenges

Epsor chose HubSpot more than 3 years ago. Overall, the admins have an excellent mastery of the software, the Sales and Service users have a confirmed level of use.

The setup of the instance has evolved over the years, where several layers of implementation have followed without doing any real deep cleaning.

Despite an instance that was running correctly, the Epsor teams felt that they were not using HubSpot to its full potential. And experiencing a period of strong growth, they needed to rethink their Marketing, Sales and Service processes so that they are more in line with the future organization.

  • Scale HubSpot to accommodate growth
  • Need to establish clear and shared business processes
  • Optimize the use of objects (contact, company, transaction, ticket)
  • Create more consistency in the use of CRM by Sales
  • Improve data quality
  • Be data-driven and rely on reliable reporting

The solutions

hubspot win money
During the workshops with Epsor, we retraced the entire customer journey: namely all the stages from the acquisition of the prospect, through the prospecting and sales work of the SDR & Sales, until the conversion into a customer, which leads to the phases of onboarding & management of the customer relationship by the CSM.

Detaching ourselves from the HubSpot account and its current setup made it possible to define the desired target vision for Epsor's CRM.

  • Assimilation of the goals and context of each team : Sales, CSM and Marketing
  • Analysis of the customer journey and internal processes at each stage
  • Proposal to manage multi-team and ownership
  • Optimization of existing Sales pipelines (what pipeline structure, how many, when to create the deal, what mandatory data, what automation, what reporting needs?)
  • Optimization of ticket pipelines for customer onboarding and long-term relationship management (automatic creation of tickets, sending of automated customer emails, reporting, ...)
  • Revamp of the data model (properties to eliminate, calculated properties, custom views of the fact sheets / team...)
  • Revamp of reporting for management
  • Proposal of precise guidelines for the use of HubSpot for each type of user

The results


contacts the SDR worked on per month


companies the Sales worked on per month


companies enriched via Société


well structured CRM 😉


  • the ability to welcome new recruits in a healthy environment
  • standardization of practices, vocabulary and better overall mastery
  • usable data and reports

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