Specification template : setting up a new CRM



Listing your requirements is a fundamental step to the success of your CRM project! It allows you to define your needs and to have a precise project brief for your future provider or your internal project team.


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A detailed specification template
to prepare your CRM project

  • The essential information to provide to present your company, your business model and your project

  • A tool to list your use cases and requirements as well as your business processes 
  • Questions to ask yourself to prepare a data migration from your existing CRM and to avoid the most frequent mistakes
  • A tool to anticipate your needs in terms of integration with other tools 
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The implementation of a powerful CRM will allow you to :


  • Anticipate, measure and analyse your collective or individual performance
  • Align your sales, marketing and customer support teams and strengthen collaboration
  • Improve your customer experience with highly personalized conversations